Date Title Details
2020-12-22 CBS undergraduate student wins the Outstanding Student Award of Faculty of Humanities 2020
2020.12.3 PolyU Team Wins the Best Paper Award at Top Computational Linguistics Conference
2020.11.11 PolyU-trained Students Win the Gold and Bronze Medals in the 2nd Asia Pacific Linguistics Olympiad
2020.7.27 [New Book] Biliteracy and Trilingualism: Language Education Policy Research in Hong Kong
2020-6-2 CBS student wins the HSBC Hong Kong Scholarship
2020.5.15 CBS student wins the Hong Kong Jockey Club Undergraduate Scholarship
2020.4.17 CBS Capstone Research Published in International Journal
2020.2.18 PolyU's Mandarin Phonological Neighbourhood Data Is Released Globally
2020.2.12 PolyU-trained Student Wins Bronze Medal in Online Olympiad in Linguistics 2020
2020.1.30 FH paper selected as Editors’ Choice by Lingua, a top journal in linguistics
2019.12.27 President Emeritus Professor Poon Chung-kwong Scholarship 2019/20
2019.9.27 Congratulations to Dr. Hongzhi XU, one of our outstanding PhD graduates
2019.9.27 Congratulations to Dr. Enrico Santus, one of our outstanding PhD graduates
2019.7.18 Best paper award, the 20th CLSW international conference
2019.6.30 Successful ECS grant application
2019.6.30 Successful GRF grant application
2019.6.30 Successful GRF grant application
2019.6.18 Successful EU grant application for the CoBra project (“Conversational Brains 腦與腦的對話”)
2019.7 Further studies at Cambridge University (UK)
2019.6 HSBC Hong Kong Scholarship
2019.1.15 Congratulations to Mr Corey Wang 王宇翔 on winning the first runner-up award at the 2018 National Essay Writing Contest (「品書知日本」2018徴文大賽)
2018.9.3 Our Master of Speech Therapy (MST) Programme received full endorsement by the Hong Kong Institute of Speech Therapists (HKIST)
2018.6.10 CBS Scholar was bestowed the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters by the University of Chicago
2018.5.23 CBS PhD Candidate Won the 2nd Prize in the Outstanding Paper Competition of the Third Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Postgraduate Academic Forum in Foreign Languages and Translation