Minor in Japanese

Programme Code 72419-YJC
Mode UGC-funded
No. of Credits Required 18

Programme Aims:


The programme aims to produce all-round graduates with (1) adequate Japanese proficiency and sociocultural skill, (2) good knowledge of Japanese culture and society, and (3) a basic understanding of the conceptual resources underpinning the aforementioned outcomes. 


Programme Outcomes:


Students who have successfully completed the program will be able to:

  • have competence of Japanese language in listening, speaking, reading and writing, and of sociocultural skill, with the broadened knowledge about various cultures; 
  • be well-informed of the basic norms of communication with members of the Japanese community, and; 
  • have a general understanding of major social and policy issues in the areas of language, culture and communication. 


CBS Japanese Culture Club 日本文化學會 e-newsletter


  • Vol. 6
    19th October 2020 issue [Main topic: 会長&役員メンバーお勧め日本文化 Recommendation in Japanese Culture from President and Committee members] Content: Popular culture, 日本式麻雀Japanese Mahjong, 江ノ島電鉄Enoshima Electric Railway & 山手線Yamanote Line and Frequently Asked Questions
  • Vol. 5
    13th August 2020 issue [Main topic:日本文化学会の活動と日本語プログラム紹介 Introduction of CBSJCC Activities and Minor in Japanese Programme]
  • Vol. 4
    4th June 2020 issue [Main topic: NIHON NO OOEN-BUNKA 日本の応援文化 Cheer-leading in Japanese Culture]
  • Vol. 3
    18th April 2020 issue [Main topic: WAGASHI 和菓子 Traditional Japanese sweet]
  • Vol. 2
    23rd March 2020 issue [Main topic: SAKURA さくら]
  • Vol. 1
    2nd March 2020 issue [Main topic: HINA-MATSURI ひな祭り Japanese Girl’s day]


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