Minor in Translation and Bilingual Communication

Programme Code 72418-YTB
Mode UGC-funded
No. of Credits Required 18

Programme Aims: 


The programme aims to (1) develop students' translating and interpreting skills in a wide variety of workplace contexts; (2) build upon the diverse experience that participants bring to the course and extend their knowledge of translating and interpreting; (3) enhance participants' ability to work as a team on issues related to intercultural and bilingual communication; (4) develop students' knowledge on the theory and practice of bilingual interaction and deepen their understanding about the nature of the English and Chinese languages and (5)equip students with language/sign-mediated and culture-specific communication skills, and knowledge of corporate communication conducts and practices, with reference to the rapid growth of globalisation and the multilingual, multicultural environment in Greater China. 


Programme Outcomes:


Students who have successfully completed the program will be able to:

  • understand the core concepts and the major recent developments in Translation and Interpreting Studies that will be relevant to the development of their language expertise; 
  • have a critical awareness of the range of techniques and skills available in translating and interpreting; 
  • analyze, process and complete translating and interpreting tasks with a high level of professional competence; 
  • undertake interpreting assignments on general topics in different contexts with a high level of professional skill; 
  • have a good understanding of bilingual corporate communication functions such as internal and external communication, media relations, management-personnel liaison, customer service and corporate identity development;
  • articulate the implications of the global spread of bilingualism and globalization of businesses for performing bilingual corporate communication functions particularly in the context of Greater China. 


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