Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Language and Speech Sciences (BALSS) (2-year articulation programme)

Programme Code 72422
Mode Full-Time
Duration 2 years (normal)

Students who wish to extend their studies beyond normal duration can submit such request to the Department for consideration.
No. of Credits Required A minimum of 66 credits (plus 3 training credits WIE)
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The programme provides students with solid training in areas related to language and speech sciences, including linguistics, biology, cognition and communication disorders. With a balanced curriculum of both skills-based and knowledge-based courses, the programme produces graduates who can pursue a variety of careers, including positions related to allied health, education, research fields and other business and industry sectors.


Recognition & Prospect


The career prospects of graduates from this programme depend on how they select their study pathways. Students have the option of focusing on areas related to communication disorders, and they will be able to serve in junior positions in different allied health sectors such as speech therapy departments under the Hospital Authority, NGOs and other private healthcare sectors. They will also be able to work in research labs in cognitive and/or communication sciences. Graduates who opt for postgraduate studies via the Master of Speech Therapy programme or education will further expand their career prospects to speech therapy and special education. Besides these study pathways, students can plan their studies by focusing on broader areas in language and communication. With solid training in multilingual communication and problem solving skills, graduates are expected to be capable of pursuing careers in business and industry sectors.




BALSS Admission Talk on 23 Jan 2021


General Enquiries

Ms Florence YIP

(852) 3400 3268

Academic Advice

Dr ZHANG Caicai, Programme Leader

(852) 3400 8465

Academic Advice

Dr KWONG Yee Lan, Elaine, Deputy Programme Leader

(852) 3400 8559