Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Chinese and Bilingual Studies (BACBS)

[The programme will cease to admit 4-year-curriculum students in 2020-21 (i.e. last cohort of BACBS 4YC students will enter BDLCC as Y1 students in 2019-20), and cease to admit senior-year students in 2022-23 (i.e. last cohort of BACBS senior-year students will enter BACBS in 2021-22).]


Students are required to apply for admission to the BACBS major through broad admission. All students will be enrolled under the Broad Discipline (BD) in Language, Culture and Communication (BDLCC). Students will stay in BDLCC for the first year before they begin the systematic learning specific to the major in the second year at the Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies.
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Entrance Requirements:


For Entry with HKDSE Qualifications
The entrance requirements for BACBS follow the general entrance policy of PolyU, which is 4 core subjects and 2 elective subjects with:
Level 3: English Language and Chinese Language
Level 2: Mathematics, Liberal Studies
Level 3: 2 elective subjects

Other Applicants
Applicants who possess a Higher Diploma / Associate Degree in a language-related discipline may be considered for entry to Year 3 of the programme.




Students may apply to transfer credits for subjects which they have successfully completed in another programme at the PolyU or in other accredited programmes. Such credit-transfer cases will be dealt with on a subject-by-subject and case-by-case basis, and approval will in general require the endorsement of both the programme leader and the leader of the subject concerned. If approved, the credits will be transferred without the grade in most cases.