Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Chinese and Bilingual Studies (BACBS)

Programme Code 72418
Mode Full-Time
Duration 4 years (normal) – 8 years (maximum)
No. of Credits Required A minimum of 126 credits (including 3 training credits)
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[The programme will cease to admit 4-year-curriculum students in 2020-21 (i.e. last cohort of BACBS 4YC students will enter BDLCC as Y1 students in 2019-20), and cease to admit senior-year students in 2022-23 (i.e. last cohort of BACBS senior-year students will enter BACBS in 2021-22).]


BACBS is a four-year full-time undergraduate honours programme that emphasizes training in English, Mandarin and/or Cantonese, as well as proficiency in written standard Chinese and English. Students are given the option to further develop practical knowledge and skills in one of the following two professional areas:

Translation and Interpreting

CBS has over twenty years of experience in teaching translating and interpreting. With the best interpreting training laboratories in Hong Kong, our curriculum emphasizes the training of practical translation and interpreting skills, and enables students to work for various specialized fields, such as business, the media, science and technology, law, etc.

Bilingual Corporate Communication

Our curriculum equips students with language-mediated and culture-specific communication skills and familiarizes students with the conducts and practices of corporate communication; the general goal is to prepare students for a career in corporate communication.

Linguistics and Speech Sciences

We provide foundational courses in linguistics, with a focus on the physiological, neurolinguistic and psycholinguistic basis of speech, in order to prepare students for further study in linguistics and related professions such as speech therapy.


General Enquiries

Ms Bonnie SEID

(852) 2766 7463

Academic Advice

Dr LI Dechao, Programme Leader

(852) 2766 7458

Academic Advice

Dr WU Wing Li, Deputy Programme Leader

(852) 2766 5636