Master of Arts / Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (with a specialism in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language in Hong Kong Schools) [MA/PgDTCFL(HKS)]

Programme Aims:


The MA/PgD in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (with a specialism in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language in Hong Kong Schools) programme aims to satisfy Hong Kong society's need for Chinese teachers who are linguistically, pedagogically and interculturally capable to educate local students, whose native language is not Chinese, especially from an ethnic minority background. According to the decision of EDB of the HKSAR Government, these (in-service) teachers concentrate on courses specifically tailored to their contextual requirements in local schools. This specialism strives to address the urgent needs of the local schools, and will be continuously updated and upgraded to better fulfil this purpose.


Specifically, this programme seeks:


  • to enhance the ability of local teachers of Chinese to teach Chinese in the Hong Kong context by developing their reflective awareness of their students’ lingua-cultural backgrounds, and training them to apply this critical awareness to their teaching activities; and
  • to upgrade local Chinese teachers’ intercultural communication skills, so that they are capable of dealing with possible learning difficulties of non-Chinese-speaking (NCS) students in Hong Kong.


Programme Outcomes:

The institutional learning outcomes are contextualised in the following intended learning outcomes of MATCFL:


  • ability to use simple language to teach Chinese to non-native speakers, and to present complex ideas clearly and articulately in appropriate forms of Chinese;
  • ability to use electronic media, multimedia, mass media, reference books and information technology to obtain information needed for teaching Chinese as a foreign language;
  • ability to assess current issues in literature and linguistics theories in Chinese language pedagogy;
  • ability to appreciate and analyse works in Chinese literature and culture;
  • ability to discover, analyse and handle issues in Chinese language teaching and testing;
  • ability to disseminate Chinese cultural traditions; and
  • ability to assess problems in teaching Chinese as a foreign language in classroom management, develop solutions to the problems and use the solutions to benefit students.