Master of Arts in Chinese Linguistics (MACL)

Programme Code 72017-CLF / 72017-CLP
Mode Mixed mode (a mixture of Part-Time and Full-Time), Self-financed
Duration Normally 1.5 years (mixed-mode full-time)
Normally 3 years (mixed-mode part-time)

Students who wish to extend their studies beyond normal duration can submit such request to the Department for consideration.
No. of Credits Required 30

MA in Chinese Linguistics (MACL) is an advanced programme of academic training in modern Chinese linguistics. It is tailored to Hong Kong society, providing its graduates with skills and knowledge that are relevant to many professions.


The programme is listed on the website of the Education Bureau of the HKSAR Government as one of the "Recognized Language Major Degree Programmes (Chinese Language)".




Information talk on 23 Feb 2020


General Enquiries

Ms Karen YU

(852) 3400 3269

Academic Advice

Dr PENG Gang, Programme Leader

(852) 3400 8462