Master of Arts in Bilingual Corporate Communication (MABCC)

Programme Code 72017-BCF (Full-time)
72017-BC (Part-time)
Mode Mixed mode (a mixture of Part-Time and Full-Time), Self-financed
Duration Normally 1.5 years, Maximum 5 years (mixed-mode full-time)
Normally 2.5 years, Maximum 5 years (mixed-mode part-time)
No. of Credits Required 30
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MA in Bilingual Corporate Communication (MABCC) aims to draw upon the strengths of CBS in language-mediated communication, sign-mediated communication, bilingual & cross-cultural communication as well as China studies to cultivate and equip students with attributes that are essential for a successful career in corporate communication.


The programme will invite overseas academic researchers and seasoned practitioners to share their significant research findings and outstanding innovative practices. Overseas study and professional servicing opportunity will also be offered to broaden students' international outlook and enhance their workplace communication.




General Enquiries

Ms Cherry YING

(852) 3400 3269

Academic Advice

Dr NGAI Sing Bik, Cindy, Programme Leader

(852) 2766 7465