Academic and Teaching Staff

Prof. LI Chor Shing David 李楚成
Professor and Head of Department

Research / Teaching Interests

Bilingual interaction, Chinese-English code-switching, Cantonese-English code-mixing (translanguaging), tense & aspect, Chinese-English contrastive grammar, EFL (English as a foreign language) learning difficulties and correction strategies, language-in-education policy, Chinese as a lingua franca in Greater China, Cantonese as an additional language, pragmatics and intercultural communication, Hong Kong English, China English, World Englishes, globalization and English-medium university education.
More recent interests since 2017 focus on the historical spread of Chinese in sinographic East Asia (漢字文化圈): Japan, Korea and Vietnam, especially

  1. How language attitude and linguistic expediency influenced the uptake of kanji ‘returned loans’ from Japan in China and Korea before and after the Second World War; and
  2. The use of literary/classical Chinese in early modern East Asia as a written lingua franca among literati of Sinitic by engaging in ‘silent conversation’ through brushtalk or brush conversation (筆談, Mand. bĭtán; Jap. hitsudan ひつだん; Kor. pildam필담; Viet. bút đàm).
Prof. Li Ping 李平
Dean and Chair Professor

Research / Teaching Interests

Bilingualism, Reading comprehension, Brain basis of language learning, Cyber-enabled technology and cognitive computing

Prof. HUANG Chu Ren 黃居仁
Chair Professor

Research / Teaching Interests

Areas of Scholarship: Computational Linguistics, Lexical Semantics, Ontology, Corpus Linguistics, Chinese Linguistics, Language Archives

Teaching: Generative Lexicon, Ontology, Linguistic Studies in Computational, Chinese Lexical Semantics, Corpus , Machine , Lexical Functional Grammar (LFG) , Generalized Phrase Structure Grammar (GPSG), Introduction to Computational Linguistics