Centre for Translation Studies (CTS)

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Established in 1989 with an endowment fund donated by the Wei Lun Foundation, our Centre for Translation Studies (CTS) is dedicated to conducting academic and professional research in translation studies and related areas. In addition to research, the Centre is actively involved in organising relevant academic conferences and publications. In recent years, through our CTS Manager, the Centre has expanded its professional activities to include the offering of fee-paying practical translation and consultancy services to fellow departments within the university as well as individual and corporate clients in the local community.


Thanks to our strong reputation in translation, CBS has been appointed by the examination authority for the China Aptitude Test for Translators and Interpreters (CATTI) as the sole provider of the training course that prepares aspiring Chinese-English translators to take CATTI in Hong Kong. CATTI is a widely recognised qualification in the translation sector in Mainland China.


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