Mentorship Programme

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The CBS Mentorship Programme aims to establish a caring and supportive relationship between mentors (alumni of CBS) and mentees (CBS undergraduates in their final year of study). It is designed to facilitate the educational, social and personal growth of mentees as well as to enable mentors to contribute to society by providing guidance in the development of undergraduates.


Benefits to Mentors


Through different means of communication, gatherings, workshops and activities, mentors can:


  • help groom society’s future leaders;
  • be a role model for the younger generation;
  • gain a better understanding of the younger generation;
  • identify and recruit talented and promising graduates;and
  • provide a meaningful contribution to the alma mater.

Benefits to Mentees


Through their interactions with mentors, mentees can:
grow educationally, socially and personally;facilitate the development of their future professional careers;build up a social network useful to the development of their careers; andacquire real world knowledge to complement what they have learned in the classroom.


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