Giving to CBS

CBS is making great strides in several directions. Resources are needed to support a range of initiatives to serve the local community, such as improving the quality of speech therapy services  to patients in need, researching and coping with ageing-related neurocognitive decline, and helping SLCS (Second Language Chinese Speaking) learners of South Asian descent to acquire vernacular Cantonese and written Chinese.


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Apart from government funding, including competitive research and teaching enhancement grants obtained by our hardworking academic and teaching staff, the Department relies on the good will of donors and our alumni who identify with our mission and vision, and who are willing to grant us their generous support.

Ways for making donation

To support our Department by online donation, you may follow the procedure as below:


    1. Complete part 1 for donor contact details;
    2. Complete part 2 for amount of donation and card holder’s name;
    3. At part 3 for purpose of donation, check “Use by Academic Department” and select “CBS – Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies”
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    4. Click “Submit”.


Should you have any enquiries regarding donation, please contact Alumni Affairs and Development Office.