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Translation Society


Introduction and Aims


The Translation Society is a student society affiliated with the Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies (CBS), the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), aiming to provide all TranSoc students with a platform on which they can hone their translation and interpreting skills.


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Executive committee members (Effective from Jan 2022)

AU Wai Ting, Crystal (President)

MENG Jia Yi (President)

LI Pui Hang, Cloris (Vice President)

DUAN Wei Hua, Vincent (Vice President)


Honorary members

MA Cheuk Yu, Jovianne (President of 2020-2022)

LOH, Jess(President of 2020-2022)

CHAN Ka Lok, Siver(Vice President of 2020-2022)

CHEH Qiao Yun (Vice President of 2020-2022)




Prof CHAN Shui-duen


Dr CHEUNG Kay Fan Andrew


Dr GU Chonglong 


Dr HUI Ting Ting Maggie


Dr LI Dechao


Dr LIU Kanglong


Dr LI Wenjing


Dr NGAI Sing Bik Cindy


Dr. WU Zhi Wei 


Dr YUEN Chun Wah


Dr. XU Han            



Dear students,


With the aim of enhancing the translation skills of PolyU students, the PolyU CBS Translation Society is now launching a university-wide translation competition this year. All PolyU full-time undergraduate students are welcome to join this contest. In this competition, you will be required to translate from Chinese to English AND from English to Chinese. Below are the guidelines of the competition:


1.  Eligibility

All PolyU full-time undergraduate students


2. Translation languages

English and Chinese


3. Texts for translation

For students who fit any of the 4 conditions below, please translate the texts in the document. word_2
          (1) Students majoring in Chinese and Bilingual Studies
          (2) Students majoring in English Studies for the Professions
          (3) Students minoring in Translation and Bilingual Communication
          (4) Students minoring in English

For the rest of the full-time undergraduate students, please translate the texts in the document. word_2

4. Format of submission

Your translation must be formatted in 12-point font, 1.5 line spacing and saved as one single Word Document.

Please send the document to us with the title of “Student ID_Group (professional/non-professional)”. For example: 15080001D_professional.

Please also write down your name [in both English and Chinese (if applicable)] and home department/school/discipline on the first page of your document.


5. Rewards

First Place (1 person): HK$1,000

Second Place (1 person): HK$800

Third Place (1 person): HK$500

Merit (5 persons): HK$200

Awardees will be informed by email in due course. There will be 8 awardees for the professional group and non-professional group, respectively.


6. How to submit

Please send your submission to as an email attachment on or before 16 December 2022.

Multiple submissions are allowed but only your last submission will be assessed. Your translation should be your original work and must not have been published before.


Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us at


Join this competition and let your talent shine!


Best regards,

The 8th Executive Committee of CBS Translation Society

Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 



Schedule of Activities (2018-2020)

Sept - Dec 2018

Translation Competition 2018

Jan 2019

PolyU CBS Translation Society Inauguration Ceremony

Feb 2019 - Jan 2020

Subtitle Translation Project: Career-Oriented Webinar Series


Oct - Dec 2019

Translation Competition 2019

Oct - Dec 2021

Translation Competition 2021

Jan 2022

Professional Webinar: Responsibilities ofGovernment Translator

Feb - Apr 2022

Translation project for 99 media: Website info + 10 short documentaries





Translation Job Referral (for clients’ information)


The Society aims at providing a platform for all members to put their translation and interpreting skills into practice. This is done by encouraging our members to take up translation jobs from various organizations and companies.

Interested clients can send us your translation jobs through email: Currently, only translation service from English to Chinese and Chinese to English are provided.


In the email, in addition to attaching the source text for translation, please also specify:

  1. name (personal/ company)
  2. contact information
  3. remuneration offered for the job (or we can provide a quotation for the translation job upon request)
  4. expected deadline.

All enquires are welcome.


Translation Job Referral (for Members)


After receiving a translation job, we will first approach an academic advisor for initial screening;

We will then send the gist of the translation job (i.e. the name of the client, length of the text concerned, text types, remuneration and sample texts) to all members for information. Interested members will be invited to do a sample translation before the deadline (usually one day);

  • The academic advisor will select the appropriate candidate(s) after reviewing the sample translations;
  • The successful candidate(s) will be informed by phone and email, where more specific information about the translation job will be provided. Unsuccessful candidates will also be informed by email.
  • The Successful candidate(s) should finish the job within the stipulated timeline.
  • They may seek the advisor’s advice when problems are encountered.
  • The advisor will put the finishing touches on the translation job submitted by the candidate;
  • The finalized translation shall be passed to the client in the name of the society.
  • The society will keep a record of all the translation jobs and the names of members who have been commissioned to do those jobs on behalf of the society for future reference.


About Remuneration:


  • The society will charge 10% of the total remuneration as commission;
  • The advisor responsible for quality assurance will receive 30-40% of the total remuneration, depending on the level of difficulty of the source texts.
  • The members will receive 50-60% of the total remuneration, depending on the level of difficulty of the source texts and the quality of their translations.


List of Completed Translation Jobs

Organization Name

  Job nature   Area
Selected PolyU Internal Clients        

General Education Center, PolyU

  Transcription and Translation
Faculty of Construction and Environment, PolyU   Translation   23rd Congregation of FCE
Jockey Club Design Institute for School Innovation, PolyU
Office of Service-Learning   Translation and editing   OSL overview
School of Nursing
Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies   Translation   Letters to schools on Putonghua Proficiency Test for Primary Students (PPTPS) enrolment
Hong Kong Community College
  Subjects syllabuses
Selected External Clients        
Tin Ka Ping Foundation
Google Assistant Linguistic   Translation   Official documents
Bourassa wine
  Promotional materials
Global Youth leadership   Translation   Promotional materials
Christian Action


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