Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering

 Programme Aims

This taught postgraduate programme in Biomedical Engineering is an ideal choice for those who would like to pursue advanced education in biomedical engineering. This biomedical engineering programme addresses the growing importance of the development of state of the art medical devices and healthcare technology for affordable healthcare. It is designed for engineers, scientists and health professionals who are interested in the health technology field. We provide students with a broad-based knowledge of advances in biomedical engineering, thus enhancing their ability to develop and apply technology in health and rehabilitation care. The specific programme aims are as follows:

  • To nurture professionals and specialists with professional competence, strategic thinking and lifelong learning capability in biomedical engineering field;
  • To provide students with modern engineering knowledge and advanced technology tools necessary for biomedical engineering practice;
  • To enable students with critical thinking and problem-solving skills in biomedical engineering field through a high quality education.


Teaching Approaches

The Biomedical Engineering award adopts an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning. Students from different disciplines are grouped and guided to work on assigned clinical problems, which ensures that our subjects are clinically relevant and technically practical, fosters team spirit, and equips graduates with the skills necessary to work in multidisciplinary teams. A variety of subjects that are specific to Biomedical Engineering, and other subjects of common concern in the health technology field, are available. In general, each subject requires one evening class per week over a 13-week semester.


Award Requirements

Students should complete 1 Compulsory Subject (Research Methods and Biostatistics), 4 Core Subjects, and a research-based Dissertation or 3 other Core Subjects, plus 2 Other Subjects. Students are encouraged to select a dissertation topic that is relevant to their professional and personal interests.

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Subject List

Subject CodeSubject
BME5115Applied Biosignal Processing
BME5124Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering
BME5130Advanced Prosthetics and Orthotics
BME5155Research Methods and Biostatistics
BME5158Advanced Topics in Health Technology (independent study)
BME5051Molecular and Functional Imaging: From Body System to Molecules
BME5110Biomedical Microdevices
BME5126Clinical Biomechanics
BME5134Rehabilitation Engineering
BME5151Intellectual Property, Standards and Regulations of Medical Devices