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Electrical Installations and Systems in Buildings

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Dr. Patrick Y. Du
Dr. M. L. Chen


Prof. W. S. Dong, Cold and Arid Regions & Environmental Engineering Institute,Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Prof. Y. J. Zhang, Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences, China
Prof. Z. C. Fu, Institute of Electrical Power, Shanghai JiaoTong University, China

Research Associate:

Mr. H. B. Wang

Research Students:

Mr Z. H. Yuan

Mr. Q.B. Zhou

Research Assistants:

Mr. Po Pei

Mr. T. Wang

This research team is in pursuit of innovation of advanced technology in electrical installations and systems in buildings. Current research is focused on power quality & control, electromagnetic environments and protection against lightning.

  • The topics in the area of power quality & control includes modeling of electrical distribution systems, analysis of power quality events (harmonics, surge, etc.) in systems, harmonic mitigation and control using active power filters or others, and reliability of electrical equipment and systems.


  • The topics in the area of electromagnetic environments include identification and modeling of low-frequency, high-frequency and pulse interference sources, characterization of electromagnetic environments, mitigation and control of electromagnetic fields, and electromagnetic shielding.


  • The topics in the area of lightning protection includes characterization of lightning-caused transient currents and fields, model for prediction of probability of lightning striking to a building, effects of bonding and earthing practices on lightning current dispersion, mechanism of building-triggered upward lightning, and development of new lightning detecting/monitoring systems as well as new effective lightning rod/air terminals.


It is anticipated that the research in this group will underpin the development of guidelines, tools and products for quality electrical services in buildings. A design guide of magnetic fields for electrical installations has been developed. A software package for evaluating magnetic fields in buildings is currently available. A package of modeling major building structural elements for analyzing lightning-induced electromagnetic environments is being developed. A novel filtering network for controlling harmonics in building distribution systems is being developed as well. An integrated lightning detector capable of recording the electromagnetic and optical radiations from lightning has been developed and is in operation now. A new type of electric field meter with high sensitivity is being also developed. A single-station lightning location system and a new lightning rod/terminal, with which lightning risk to buildings can be effectively reduced, will be designed and tested soon.

The research team has a strong relationship with local industry, especially in building services industry. The team has been involved in more than 30 consultancy projects in the past five years. Most of the projects were related to investigation, analysis and mitigation of electromagnetic interference associated with electromagnetic fields, harmonics, surges, etc. Design of electromagnetic shielding rooms is another key area of the consultancy service.

Recent Research Projects:
  • Study of the effect of large building structures on lightning return stroke current using an integrated modeling approach, funded RGC
  • Development of harmonic impedance database for LV power cables, fund by RGC
  • The electromagnetic environment in high-rise buildings during direct lightning strokes, funded by RGC
  • Design guide of magnetic fields for electrical installations in large buildings, funded by RGC
  • Modeling of high current low voltage busbar and cabling systems in buildings, funded by RGC
  • Study of lightning electromagnetic pulses and currents for building lightning protection, funded by PolyU
  • Effect of bonding and earthing practices on lightning currents in buildings, funded by PolyU
  • Broadband interferometric observations of spatial development and HF/VHF radiations of lightning, funded by PolyU
  • The development of an integrated, PC based system for making optical and electromagnetic measurements of lightning, funded by PolyU
  • Control of harmonics over building distribution systems using a coordinated filtering network, funded by PolyU
  • Electric power and control for building services, funded by PolyU
  • Architecture shielding in modern building during lightning strokes, funded by PolyU


Recent Publications
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