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Electrical Services Laboratory


Contact Person : Prof. DU, YA Ping (email:

The Department has a wide range of laboratory facilities to support teaching, research and consultancy in electrical services. These facilities are suitable for testing and commissioning of electrical installations, testing of electrical equipment, power quality analysis (harmonics, transients, etc.), electro-magnetic field measurement, lightning detecting and monitoring systems, and others.

Impulse Current Generator (ICG) is one of major equipment for research in lightning-protection. This testing set has a capability of generating an impulse current of 2-40kA with the waveform of 8/20us. Such an impulse current can be used to test surge protective devices, to create simulated lightning-induced electro-magnetic environments (such as impulse fields in a space, and voltage/current surges on wires, etc.)

Integrated Lightning Detector was developed for the field observation of lightning activities. It is capable of recording the broadband vertical electrical fields, 3-dimentinal magnetic fields and optical radiations from lightning in all directions. Shown in right in the figure is a rotating-vane field mill developed recently, which is capable of making measurements of electrostatic fields in a range of 0 ~ 100 kV/m with a sensitivity of 5V/m.

Shown in the figure is a platform for shielding tests in the laboratory. The platform allows the installation of metal sheets in different configurations. Shielding performance of various shielding configurations can be tested in the laboratory. Practical issues of shield installations can be investigated as well. The testing results can be used for design and evaluation of practical shields.

The following is a list of major equipment available in the electrical services laboratory:

30kA Impulse Current Generator
SJTU-CWG-6kV/3kA 组合波测试仪
SJTU-1000 方波发生器
SJTU-500 合波发生器
Yokogawa Digital Scope DL708E and DL750L
LeCroy WaveSurfer Oscilloscope 424
Tektronix Digital Oscilloscope 3032C
Electric and magnetic survey meters (PMM8053, PMM8051, HI3603, FieldStar1000, EMDEXII)
Spectrum Analyzer SA-7270
Broadband E-Field Antenna SAS-22/A (2-MHz-2000MHz)
Power Analyzer PM3000A
Power Analyzer Fluke 435
Power Amplifiers 3X1500VA
Primary current injection testing set
Secondary current injection testing set

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