The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Students’ Union (HKPUSU), registered under the Societies Ordinance, is the only official organization which represents the full-time student population of the University other than the postgraduates. For membership fees, please refer to Section 4I (ii) on "Fees Related to Students’ Union".

HKPUSU is situated at the Shaw Amenities Building of the University. The session of each year begins on 1 March and ends on the last day in February of the following year. More information about HKPUSU is available from its official website at

  1. Objectives of HKPUSU

    The major objectives of the Union are:

  2. Organization of HKPUSU

    The ultimate authority of the Union rests with its members, who can exercise their power through General Polling. The structure of the Union comprises seven main parts, namely Union Judicial Council, Union Council, Executive Committee, Press Committee, Campus Radio, Faculty/School Students’ Associations, and affiliated clubs.

    The Union Judicial Council is the highest judicial body of the Students’ Union under the General Meeting of the Union. It handles and settles any dispute between organizations as placed before it. It also gives legal guidance on questions of law.

    The Union Council is the authority responsible for all supervision and legislation affairs of the Union. It holds meetings that every member can join and express their opinions.

    The Executive Committee , comprising members elected by General Polling in the Annual Election, is responsible for all daily administrative matters of the HKPUSU. It is the committee representing the HKPUSU.

    The Press Committee is responsible for the publication of the students’ magazine ‘PolyLife’.

    The Campus Radio is responsible for the audio-visual media of the Union and the production of radio programme.

    Faculty/School Students’ Association is the association representing the Faculty/School Students’ Association members, and responsible for striving for the welfare and the interests of the members. There are a total of eight such Associations.

    Affiliated Clubs provide members with sports, recreational and entertainment activities or any other shared interests. There are four types of clubs: sports, recreational, entertainment, and cultural making a total of 34 affiliated clubs. There are also 8 other clubs registered under SU with exemption of affiliation.

    Offices of the Union Judicial Council, the Union Council, the Executive Committee, the Press Committee, the Faculty/School Students’ Associations, and the Affiliated Clubs are situated on the third floor of the Shaw Amenities Building.

  3. Organization Chart of HKPUSU


    Standing Committee

    • Affiliated Club Affairs Committee
    • Attorney General Committee
    • Auditing Commission
    • Election Committee
    • Finance Committee
    • Faculty of Applied Science and Textiles Students’ Association (FASTSA)
    • Faculty of Business Students’ Association (FBSA)
    • Faculty of Construction and Environment Students’ Association (FCESA)
    • Engineering Students’ Association (ESA)
    • Faculty of Health and Social Sciences Students’ Association (FHSSSA)
    • Faculty of Humanities Students’ Association (FHSA)
    • School of Design Students’ Association (SDSA)
    • School of Hotel and Tourism Management Students’ Association (SHTMSA)

    Entertainment Division

    • Arts Society
    • Chinese Orchestra
    • Choir
    • Christian Band
    • Christian Choir
    • Dance Society
    • Drama Club
    • Music Society
    • Magic Society
    • Orchestra
    • The PolyArts

    Recreational Division

    • Astronomy Club
    • Bridge Club
    • Chess & Boardgames Club
    • Excursion & Travel Affairs Association
    • Photographic Society
    • The Green Society

    Cultural Division

    • Campus Crusade for Christ
    • Cartoons Art Society
    • Catholic Students' Society
    • Chinese Mainland Students’ Association
    • Christian Fellowship
    • Modeling Club
    • Social Service Group

    Sports Division

    • Archery Club
    • Iai Kenjutsu Club
    • Judo Club
    • Karatedo Club
    • PolyVolley Club
    • PolyTennis Club
    • Red Castle Softball Club
    • Rowing Club
    • Taekwondo Club
    • Wing Chun Society

    Clubs registered with exemption of affiliation

    • AIESEC-Local Committee-PolyU
    • Campus YMCA of PolyU
    • Rotaract Club
    • The Hong Kong Award for Young People
    • Toastmasters’ Club
    • Wofoo Leader’s Network
    • Zonta Club of Kowloon Golden Z Club I
  4. Functions and Welfare Services

    Wide ranges of activities are organized every year by different Faculty/School Students’ Associations and societies of HKPUSU. These include sports, recreational, academic, social and cultural functions. The Orientation, exhibitions, seminars, cultural shows, debates, and open competitions are organized for all members of the Students’ Union throughout the year. Students can also join different affiliated clubs according to their interests.

    HKPUSU provides regular welfare such as daily photocopying and other stationery services. Besides, members can buy stationeries in the Co-operation Shop located on the first floor of the Shaw Amenities Building. HKPUSU also provides other welfare for its members such as special offers from shops and organizations.

  5. Participation in University Affairs

    The Students’ Union also participates actively in the policy making and the administration of the University. Student representatives are nominated by the Students’ Union to serve as full members on various committees of the University including the Senate, the Faculty Boards, and many others.

  6. Enquiries

    Enquiries on matters related to HKPUSU should be addressed to the Executive Committee at Room VA302 of the Shaw Amenities Building. Students may also enquire by email to