A. PolyU E-mail, Website and Portal

A PolyU Connect account based on the student number is provided to students for access to the PolyU Connect system which provides e-mail, communication and collaboration services to users. Important notices and information concerning your study may be sent to you by lecturers and offices of the University, such as Academic Secretariat notices on your registration or study related arrangements and Library notices on book loans through PolyU Connect. Therefore, you are advised to check for messages in your PolyU Connect account regularly. The PolyU Connect Email will be available to all alumni of PolyU and you can continue using your email service upon graduation.

At the PolyU Homepage (http://www.polyu.edu.hk) and the University Portal (https://my.polyu.edu.hk), you can obtain general information about the University as well as useful information relating to your studies and the facilities available on campus. Therefore, in addition to checking e-mails at your PolyU Connect account, it is necessary for you to check information posted on the University Portal regularly in order not to miss up-to-date information.

All full-time and part-time students are assigned a Network Identity (NetID) to access the University's central IT facilities and services. For the first access, students have to activate their assigned NetID and select their Network Password (NetPassword) online either via the link provided in the email sent to them after the completion of the programme registration procedures or by clicking the "New Student" button on the University Portal Login Page (https://my.polyu.edu.hk) and then follow the system instructions to complete the registration. Your NetID is the same as your Student Number, but with the last alphabetic character in lower case. For example, a student with Student Number "18123456D" will have NetID of "18123456d". With your NetID and NetPassword, you can have free access to the University's central IT facilities and services including eStudent, University Portal, Learning Management System, Academic Computing Services, wired and wireless Internet connection, HelpCentre Online Tracking Service, network storage etc. Since most of your PolyU activities (e.g. subject registration, web teaching and learning, and personal data amendment) are transacted on web, you must not divulge your NetPassword or any other personal identification numbers (PINs) to anybody.

For security reason, you must also change your account password/PIN regularly. You will be held responsible for the actions taken using your account password/PIN, so protect yourself against identity theft!

You can visit the Student Computer Centre on campus where full access to the University's complete range of central IT facilities is available.

B. eStudent

Students can access the various study-related applications provided by the Academic Secretariat via the eStudent at http://www.polyu.edu.hk/student/. Currently, the following can be found online:

Notices on important upcoming activities related to your study will also be posted on this page. You are advised to check this page regularly. You can also find links to various information/functions offered by other units of the university here.

C. Definitive Programme Document

You will be issued a copy of the definitive programme document for your programme of study by the Department offering the programme at the commencement of your study. You are required to check this document for the details of the graduation requirements.

This document contains information on credit requirement, curriculum, programmespecific assessment regulations, grading system and award classification. This is subject to review and changes which the programme offering department can decide to make from time to time. You will be informed of the changes as and when appropriate. A copy of this definitive programme document can also be found in the Library.

D. Student Handbook

The Student Handbook contains essential information concerning general academic matters, general regulations and procedures, services and facilities for students and various communication channels. This is accessible from eStudent or at the AS Homepage.

Students enrolling on postgraduate schemes should also refer to the dissertation handbook on web at https://www2.polyu.edu.hk/as/Polyu/PGDIS.

E. Notice Boards

Various departments will communicate with students on matters such as class attendance through displaying notices and messages on departmental notice boards. Academic Secretariat also maintain notice boards on the podium near the Library.

F. Academic Secretariat and Various Offices

Useful enquiry numbers/ hotlines of the Academic Secretariat, Faculty Office/ School of Design/ School of Hotel and Tourism Management/ Broad Discipline Offices, Departmental Offices and other relevant offices are given in Appendix 5.

  1. Academic Secretariat

    The Academic Secretariat (AS) is responsible for matters related to applicants and students, covering admissions, registrations, timetabling, examination, student records, certification and awards. You may visit the AS homepage at http://www.polyu.edu.hk/as for more details.

    The Service Centre of the Academic Secretariat is located at Room M101 of the Li Ka Shing Tower. The opening hours are as follows∗:

    Monday – Friday : 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

    (Students can obtain various forms on a self-serviced arrangement after the Centre is closed.)

    ∗ When typhoon Signal No. 8 is hoisted, or when the Hong Kong Observatory announces that Signal No. 8 will likely be hoisted within the next 2 hours, the Service Centre will be closed.

    An automated interactive telephone hotline at 2333 0600 is also available. Students may also enquire via email as follows:

    Matters E-mail Addresses
    Admissions For local applicants: For non-local applicants:
    Enrolment asregisn@polyu.edu.hk
    Subject Registration aswebreg@polyu.edu.hk
    Examinations, Certification and Award asexmawd@polyu.edu.hk
    Student Visa asnlstds@polyu.edu.hk
    General asdept@polyu.edu.hk
  2. Departmental Offices

    You can obtain most of the programme-related information from the general office of your programme offering Department. Enquiries related to the curriculum, subject selection and assessment regulations of specific programmes should be directed to your department or academic advisors.

  3. Information to be Supplied When Writing to the University

    If you make an enquiry, a comment or suggestion on matters concerning this University in writing, you are advised to provide your full name, student number, contact telephone number, address and the programme enrolled. The University will not be able to take action on any correspondence which is anonymous. (without information on the full name and student number)