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External Research Grants



Principal Investigator Project Title
2022 - 2023
Prof. CHAN Ko Ling Edward Family Polyvictimization and Social Policy Responses in East Asian Societies



Principal Investigator Project Title
2023 - 2024  
Dr CHAN Hoi Wing William  From I believe to we believe: Understanding the behavioral impacts of belief in climate change conspiracy theories with a conspiracy belief-social identity model 
Dr KWAN Crystal  Exploring the Lived Experiences of Adjusting to Early Retirement of the Older Working Poor: A Longitudinal Qualitative Study in Hong Kong
Dr LEUNG Tsin Yee Janet  Unequal Childhood Development – Family Socio-economic Status, Concerted Cultivation and Children's Developmental Trajectories under the COVID-19 Pandemic 
Dr LI Chi Mei Jessica Procedural Justice for the Mentally Incapacitated: A Mixed Qualitative Study Using Timelines and Vignettes with Young People and Criminal Justice Personnel 
Dr LI Xiang Cyberbullying among Children with Victimization Experiences: The Role of Emotional Risk Factors and Social-Ecological Protective Factors 
Dr LI Xiaoming Financial Management and Distinct Types of Intimate Partner Violence Against Women in China: An Empowerment Perspective
Dr LIU Jingping  How brokerage absorbs popular grievances in rural China: typology, effectiveness, and consequences 
Dr LO Hay Ming Herman  The effects of an online mindfulness-based intervention for parents of children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A randomized controlled trial 
Dr LO Po Yee Iris  From unspoken secrets to family dialogues: The negotiations of family expectations and intergenerational intimacy between Chinese parents and their adult lesbian, gay, and bisexual children 
Dr NG Chi Kit Jacky  Effect Conservation in Process Analysis: The Reason, Solution, and Promotion 
Dr SEO Bo Kyong Grace  Promoting older adults’ proactive home modifications for successful ageing in place: A mixed methods study
Dr TING Tin-yuet Technopolitical contention over state-led social datafication: A digital ethnography of data-driven governance in Hong Kong’s counter-public sphere 
Dr YU Lu  A Prospective Study of Newly-Arrived Immigrant Adolescents from Mainland China to Hong Kong: The Way to Thrive
Dr ZHU Xiaoqin Julie Multidimensional Parental Psychological Control and Developmental Outcomes among Chinese Adolescents in Hong Kong 
2022 - 2023
Prof. BAI Xue Who Cares for Sandwiched Ageing Carers? Effects of Intergenerational Care Provision on Future Care Planning 
Dr CHAN Hoi Wing  Mitigating climate change for our country?: The joint influence of national identification and socio-ecological contexts on pro-environmental behavior 
Prof. CHAN Ko Ling Edward  Children with Special Educational Needs and Child Victimization: A Population-Based Study 
Dr CHEN Jiaxin  Academic Returnees’ Cultural (Re)Adaptation and Integration Process in Top Universities in Mainland China: A Longitudinal Study 
Prof. CHEN Juan  Having a Parent with Severe Mental Illness in Rural China: The Family Situation, Impact on Children, and Potential Service Provision 
Dr LI Chi Mei Jessica  Developing Appropriate School Response to Online Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents: A Qualitative Vignette Study in Hong Kong 
Dr LO Kin Ming Camilla  Do fluctuations in affects associate with adolescents’ time spent on gaming and risk of gaming disorder in the context of school holiday? An ecological momentary assessment study 
Dr SEO Bo Kyong Grace  The Role of Housing in the Effects of Poverty on Health in Hong Kong: A Mixed Methods Study 
Dr YU Lu  Family resilience of Hong Kong low-income families with adolescent children: The role of positive youth development attributes 
Dr ZHU Shimin Jasmine  Effects of Parent-Child Single-Session Growth Mindset Intervention on Adolescent Depression and Anxiety Problems: A Two-Arm Waitlist Randomised Controlled Trial 
 2021 - 2022  
Dr KAN Ching Yeung Karita Varieties of capital in rural land politics: A comparative analysis of land transfers and rural governance in Jiangsu and Guangdong
Dr LEUNG Tsin Yee Janet Parenting Perfectionism and Overparenting among Chinese Parents in Hong Kong
Dr LI Chi Mei Jessica Making Sense of Procedural Justice at Work: A Qualitative Study of Hong Kong Police Officers, Arrested Youths, and Guardians
Dr WU Qiaobing Institutional and Perceptional Welfare Boundary, Social Integration, and the Health and Well-being of Children from Migrant Families in Urban China: A Multicity Comparative Study Using Mixed Methods
Prof. YAN Chau Wai Elsie Use of Motivational Interviewing for Elder Abuse Intervention
Dr ZHAN Yang The Making of a Surplus Population? An Exploratory Study of Livelihoods among Resettled Peasants under Economic Uncertainties in Industrial Hubs in Western China
Dr ZHU Shimin Jasmine Web-based single-session growth mindset intervention for adolescent anxiety: A three-arm cluster randomised control trial
2020 - 2021
Prof. CHAN Ko Ling Edward The effect of family hierarchy on family polyvictimization in Chinese culture
Dr CHANDRA Yanto Legitimacy of Social Enterprises and Customer Patronization
Prof. CHEN Xiaohua Sylvia Romantic Relationships in Cross-Cultural Perspective: The Role of Dialectical Relationship Thinking
Dr HUI Pui Hung Bryant Doing Good Online: More Well-Being Benefit for Help-Givers and Less Harm for Others?
Dr KWAN Crystal Examining Poverty Dynamics Across the Life Span of Elder-headed Households
Dr LAI Hor Yan Angel School Ethnic-Racial Socialization, Ethnic Identity, and Psychological Health in Context: Truku Indigenous Adolescents in Eastern Taiwan
Dr LO Hay Ming Herman Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Caregivers of Frail Older Chinese Adults: Testing a Model of Intergenerational Caregiving
Dr LO Kin Ming Camilla The impacts of different types of screen time on children’s health and mental health, and the mediating roles of individual and relationship factors
Dr ZHAN Yang When Rural Migrants Become Urban Homeowners in Small Cities: The Endgame for China’s “Floating Population”?
2019 - 2020
Prof. CHAN Ko Ling Edward A longitudinal follow-up study on the association between intimate partner violence against women and child telomere length shortening from birth to early childhood
Dr LEUNG Tsin Yee Janet Should Adolescents Help? – Impacts of Adolescent Filial Responsibilities on Maternal Wellbeing and Adolescent Psychosocial Competence among Poor Single-Mother Families
Dr LI Xiang Cyberbullying after being cyber-victimized in primary school students: Individual values and the protective role of the school environment
2018 - 2019
Prof. BAI Xue Individual Efforts or Intergenerational Responses? A Longitudinal Mixed Methods Study of Future Care Planning among Hong Kong Ageing Families
Dr CHAN Chitat Larry The Tendency of Closed-mindedness in Different Web-based Project Learning Designs in Civic Education – Argumentative Writing, Propaganda Production, and Scoping Review
Dr KAN Ching Yeung Collectives and Cooperatives in Rural China: Agrarian Change and Community Economy in Guangdong Province
Dr LO Hay Ming Herman Brief mindfulness-based family psychoeducation intervention for Chinese students with early psychosis: A mixed methods study
Dr LU Huijing Women’s sexual behaviors and mate preferences throughout the ovulatory cycle as functions of life history strategies
Dr SIU Yuen Man Judy Investigation of the decreasing blood donors in Hong Kong: A qualitative study on the perceptions and values of blood donation to Hong Kong people.
Dr TING Tin Yuet Self-Started Digital Entertainers in the Social Media Age: Work-Life Experiences of YouTubers and Facebook Opinion Leaders in Hong Kong
Prof YAN Chau Wai Elsie Against the Odds: Developing a Core Competence Framework of Social Work Practice for the Field of Disaster Management in China
Prof YAN Chau Wai Elsie Resident to Resident Aggression in Residential Care Homes in Hong Kong: The Interrelationship among Resident Characteristics, Caregiving Context and the Physical Environment
Dr YU Lu Social Networking Addiction among Hong Kong Adolescents: Protective Effects of Positive Youth Development Attributes and Parenting Behaviours
Dr ZHU Shimin Jasmine Implicit theories and adolescent anxiety: A longitudinal test of reciprocal relationships
2017 - 2018
Dr CHAN Chitat Larry Nurturing Adolescents’ Critical Thinking Disposition Through Youth Media Practice: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Dr CHAN Wai Ling Jenny Internships, Informal Labor and Vocational Skills Training in China 
Dr KAN Ching Yeung Karita Rural Transformation and Institutional Change in South China: A Comparative Study of Rural Land and Shareholding Reforms 
Dr KOO Ching Hua Anita Gendering the New Generation of Chinese Workers in Vocational Schools
Dr LEUNG Tsin Yee Janet Perceived Overparenting and Developmental Outcomes in Chinese Adolescents in Hong Kong – A Longitudinal Study
Prof. YAN Chau Wai Elsie Preventing Elder Mistreatment – Resilience and Risk Patterns of Family Caregivers



Principal Investigator Project Title
2023 - 2024  
Prof. CHEN Juan  Developing Community Mental Health Care in Rural China: Local Policy Network, Implementation, and Advocacy 
2018 - 2019
Prof CHEN Xiaohua Sylvia Integrating and Extending Research on Social Axioms: A Systematic Review



Principal Investigator Project Title
2022 - 2023   
Dr LI Xiaomin Now More Important than Ever: Promoting Healthy Financial Behaviors for Hong Kong Youths from Lower- SES Households Lower-SES Households 
Dr KWAN Crystal  Enhancing the Social Participation of Older People with Lived Experiences of Homelessness: A Community Based Participatory Research 
Dr SEO Grace  Housing and Early Childhood Growth and Development in Hong Kong’s Low-income Families 
2018- 2019
Dr YU Lu Impact of Short-term Study in Mainland China Programme on Hong Kong Local University Students' Intercultural Competence, Perception and Attitude about Mainland China, and National Identity



Principal Investigator Project Title
2021 - 2022
Dr LO Kin Ming Camilla Engaging the whole family to support expectant mothers: A family-based mHealth intervention to reduce maternal postnatal depression and promote family health
2018 - 2019
Prof. CHAN Ko Ling Edward Using Mobile-Based Technology to Support Expectant Parents: A Randomized Controlled Trial on The Effectiveness of The iParent App for Postnatal Depression (PND)


HMRF-Commissioned Research on COVID-19

 2020 - 2021
Prof. YAN Chau Wai Elsie Public Compliance with Disease Prevention and Public Health Measures to Control COVID-19 



Principal Investigator Project Title
2023 - 2024
Prof. CHUI Wing Hong Eric       Changing the Trajectory of Children and Youth in Residential Care – Phase One in Small Group Homes (“SGHs”)
Dr. LEUNG Tsin Yee Janet  Jockey Club Promoting Family Resilience Project 2.0 
2021 - 2022
Prof. KU Hok Bun Ben  A study on the social service projects under the COVID-19 in PRC
Prof. SHEK Tan Lei Daniel Capacity Building Scheme for Secondary School Teachers: Promoting Meaningful Social Engagement for Young People Through Service-Learning (APSS)
Prof. SHEK Tan Lei Daniel Holistic Development and Well-Being of Young People in Hong Kong
2020 - 2021
Prof. BAI Xue i-GESS Inter-Generational Engagement in Secondary Schools
Prof. BAI Xue Create A Knowledge Hub for Promoting Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity
Dr LEUNG Tsin Yee Janet The "Promoting Family Resilience" Project
Prof. YAN Chau Wai Elsie Collaborative Efforts to Intervene and Prevent Elder Abuse
2019 - 2020
Prof. SHEK Tan Lei Daniel Service Leadership Theory: Theoretical Development and Empirical Inquiry
2018- 2019
Prof. BAI Xue Infusion Active Ageing Education Project
Prof. BAI Xue Gearing Up for Third Age & Multi-Generational Capacity Building
2017 - 2018
Prof. BAI Xue Age-friendly City Project
Prof. BAI Xue Age-friendly City Project Phase 2
Dr CHAN Chitat Larry Jockey Club PolyU Human Libraries Hub
Prof. SHEK Tan Lei Daniel Moral Education and Moral Behavior in High School Students in Hong Kong


Collaborative Research & Others

Principal Investigator  Project Title
2023 - 2024 
Prof. KU Hok Bun Ben Digital social capital: Its formation and deployment of an indigenous framework for Hong Kong communities project
2022 - 2023
Prof. CHUI Wing Hong Eric  Youth-Adult Partnership in the Project of 21st Century ICYSCs – A Practice Research 
Dr WU Yin  Testosterone and social behavior 
Dr LO Hay Ming Herman  Research Study on the effectiveness of Unified Protocol for transdiagnostic treatment of emotional disorders (UP) for people with mild to moderate emotional disturbances 
Dr WU Qiaobing  Tripartite Collaborative Research on Social Welfare and Social Services for Migrant/Left-behind Children and Families in China 
Prof. CHUI Wing Hong Eric Evaluation of the Strive and Rise Programme 
Prof. CHUI Wing Hong Eric Behavioural Science Study on Investor Behaviour in the Crypto Markets
Dr LAI Hor Yan Angel  Evaluation on the effectiveness of “Youth Life World Design” – Individual future orientation design and case consultation service 
Dr LO Hay Ming Herman Implementing a School-Based Mindfulness Programme in the Primary School Curriculum 
Dr LO Kin Ming Camilla Addictive behaviors and psychosocial correlates among secondary and university students in Macau
Dr LO Hay Ming Herman  Research Study on the effects of Nature-based Mindfulness Intervention Programme for Family Carers with high levels of Caring-related Stress 
Dr SEO Bo Kyong Grace  Impact Evaluation of the Ageing in Place Home Modification Pilot Project 
2021 - 2022
Prof. BAI Xue Model and Capacity Building for Intergenerational Digital Literacy Training for Older Adults in Hong Kong
Dr CHOW Sung Ming 周大福社區歇腳點項目研究
Prof. CHUI Wing Hong Eric Financial Literacy and Gambling Behaviour: Evidence from Hong Kong
Prof. CHUI Wing Hong Eric Research on Service Impact of Project LEGEND
Dr KWAN Crystal Evaluating the Impact of the Pickers’ Link
Dr LAI Hor Yan Angel The Pilot Outdoor Adventure Programme for the Positive Development of Young People
Dr LAI Hor Yan Angel Youth Mover: Evaluation on the effectiveness of an experiential learning program with mentors on future orientation
Dr LAI Hor Yan Angel Evaluation on the Effectiveness of Career Development Programs on Future Orientation
Dr LO Hay Ming Herman Hong Kong Mental Health Projects Evaluation
Dr LO Po Yee Iris Empowering through learning - Parent-child language programme for junior non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students
Prof. YAN Chau Wai Elsie “Transition to Healthy Ageing”- LUTS/BPH Education and Awareness Project
2020 - 2021
Prof. CHAN Ko Ling Edward Evaluative research on residents’ journey from trauma to empowerment (RESTORE)
Prof. CHEN Xiaohua Sylvia Psychological Outcomes and Behavioral Manifestations of Global Orientations
Prof. KU Hok Bun Ben Evaluation as Learning Tools: Practice Research for the PRH Projects
Dr LEUNG Tsin Yee Janet Evaluative research on “Together Walking through the Stormy Days – Parents’ Learning Platform”
2019 - 2020
Prof. CHAN Ko Ling Edward Consolidation of Findings of Family Surveys Conducted since 2011
Prof. KU Hok Bun Ben Data Analysis and Generating Practice Model for the Project “Asset-based Community Development of Migrant-Local Community”
Dr LEUNG Tsin Yee Janet Evaluative Research on “Service for Empowering & Networking SEN Families in Community”
Dr LO Hay Ming Herman A Stepped-Care, Multi-disciplinary, Evidence-based Approach to Strengthen Adolescence and Family Well-being after Social Unrest
Dr YU Lu Hong Kong Junior Secondary School Students' Attitudes Towards and Engagement in Political Activities Involving Violence and Destruction: The Associated Individual, Family, and School Factors from a Positive Youth Development Perspective
2018- 2019
Dr CHANDRA Yanto Unpacking the Management Practices of Chinese Social Enterprises
Dr CHANDRA Yanto Mapping the Best Practices in Social Innovation Development
Dr TAM Kin Yuen Raymond Social Impact Assessment on the Community Housing Movement
2017 - 2018
Prof. CHAN Ko Ling Edward Further Study on the Long Term Development of Child Development Fund Project Participants
Dr LO Hay Ming Herman Explore the Applicability of Mindfulness Therapy for Special Education Needs (SEN) Primary School Students with ADHD in Residential Setting

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