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APSS Scholarship Awardees: Gaining Lifelong Experiences and Knowledge for a Better Society

21 Oct 2022

Fifteen students received the APSS Scholarship for Outstanding Students – Taught Postgraduate Programme (the Scholarship) in recognition of their stellar academic performance and solid commitment to the betterment of society.

The scholarship offers HK$5,000 to selected current and final year self-financed taught postgraduate students who have completed half of the required credits of their programmes and attained a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above at the end of the academic year.

Congratulations to the awardees for their achievement! Let’s hear what they said from the bottom of their hearts:


 LAM Wai KaPhoto cropped

LAM Wai Ka

(Doctor of Social Work)

“Participating in the DSW programme enriches my knowledge related to the social work profession and facilitates the development of my identities as a social work practitioner, educator, and researcher. But more importantly, it changes my ways of apprehending the complexity of human experience and human world. I am really thankful for being awarded, as it unquestionably motivates me to grow further and contribute to society.”

 CHUNG Manyee Sandy_Photo

CHUNG Manyee Sandy

(Master of Arts in Guidance and Counselling)

“The learning journey at PolyU has empowered me not only with knowledge and skills but also has broadened my world with new perspectives and discoveries. I especially enjoy the community of professors, staff and classmates who make the learning process worthwhile and fun!”

 LAL IndraPhoto cropped

LAL Indra

(Master of Arts in Guidance and Counselling)

“Even though I entered the programme looking to attain my master’s degree, I acquired something of far greater value. I gained friendships with individuals from diverse backgrounds and knowledge from truly remarkable professors. Through practicum supervision, I gained an appreciation for “leading from one step behind”. I will forever be grateful to PolyU for this amazing experience and am deeply honored to receive the APSS scholarship for outstanding students.”

 SIU Wing SzePhoto prefer not to use personal photo

SIU Wing Sze

(Master of Arts in Guidance and Counselling)

“This year of study in the MAGC programme has been eye-opening and fulfilling. The theories and skills learnt from classes and group assignments inspire reflections and generate new perspectives on my life and relationship with others. I also enjoy the friendship with fellow classmates and participating in extra-curricular activities and workshops.”

 KWAN Shiu Yin_Photo

KWAN Shiu Yin

(Master of Applied Psychology)

“Studying at PolyU was a rewarding experience. I was able to enhance my knowledge in psychology and apply them in real-world settings through the practicum. It is my honour to be awarded the scholarship, and this would certainly motivate me to grow and contribute even more to society with my knowledge.”

 NG Hiu Yi MaggiePhoto cropped

NG Hiu Yi Maggie

(Master of Applied Psychology (Diverse Learning Needs))

“I am sincerely honoured to be selected as the recipient of the Scholarship. Studying the Master of Applied Psychology (Diverse Learning Needs) is such a fruitful experience. I am able to broaden my horizon in both knowledge and practicum aspects. The programme allows us to learn with great autonomy as well.”


SO Kwan Wah MaeganPhoto cropped

SO Kwan Wah Maegan

(Master of Applied Psychology (Diverse Learning Needs))

“I am sincerely honoured to be selected as a recipient of the Scholarship. The learning experience in the MAP-DLN programme has been fruitful and inspirational. It has equipped me to incorporate multidisciplinary strategies in order to respond to individuals with diverse learning needs.”

 LAU Ka Ho_Photo 2


(Master of Arts in School and Community Psychology)

“Studying at APSS equipped me with extensive knowledge in diversified aspects of psychology, ranging from historical foundations to evidence-based interventions. Being awarded the Scholarship is not entirely the outcome of my hard work. Without the unreserved guidance and support from professional teachers at PolyU, I could not have gone through this challenging but fruitful journey.”


 MAK Man WaiPhoto cropped

MAK Man Wai

(Master of Arts in School and Community Psychology)

“It is a huge honour for me to receive the Scholarship. The way to this award was no child’s play. The award has caused me to reflect further on how I can apply psychology in work and life. Studying at PolyU is an incredible and life-changing learning experience which enriched my life immensely by connecting concepts and life. Thank you very much.”


 WONG Lai Lai_Photo

WONG Lai Lai

(Master of Arts in School and Community Psychology)

“My learning experiences at PolyU have been meaningful and valuable. The programme allowed me to develop a comprehensive understanding of psychology and explore my interests in various fields of the discipline. During my studies, I had the opportunity to reflect upon my life and consider my true career interests. It is beyond my expectations to be awarded the scholarship. I hope to express my heartfelt gratitude for all the help I have received from my supportive professors, lecturers, and lovely classmates.”


 LEUNG Nok HangPhoto cropped more

LEUNG Nok Hang

(Master of Arts in Social Policy and Social Development)


“I am sincerely honoured to be one of the recipients of the Scholarship. It is a big encouragement to my effort in my further education as a part-time student. I am also grateful to the professional lecturers whose enthusiasm for teaching fosters interaction in the class. I believe the knowledge and skills equipped have enriched our understanding of local and global policy issues.”


 MIAO Xinyu_Photo

MIAO Xinyu

(Master of Arts in Social Policy and Social Development)

“It’s my honour to receive this award. My year at PolyU has been the most enjoyable and rewarding year of my life. PolyU has a beautiful campus, excellent facilities, and a great variety of canteen food. In my free time, I often read and study in the comfortable and spacious library of PolyU. I would also like to thank the teachers at APSS for their knowledge and kindness. I always gain a lot of knowledge and life experiences from my interactions with them.”

 PAN XinyiPhoto 2 cropped

PAN Xinyi

(Master of Arts in Social Policy and Social Development)

“Thanks to PolyU for giving me a fabulous experience during my studies. The beautiful red brick campus, friendly staff and perfect educational facilities make me enjoy every moment of my study here. I gained not only a lot of advanced professional knowledge but really felt the "pragmatic" philosophy of PolyU.

I always believe that no effort is made for nothing! As long as having responsibility and planning, we can all study hard for our dream and will eventually receive what we deserve. Doubtlessly, this award would also give me more motivation to work harder to improve myself in the future. I would apply all I have learned in PolyU to benefit society!”


 CHAN Po Lam_Photo


(Master of Arts in Social Work (Family-centred Practice and Family Therapy))

“Studying at PolyU is a fruitful journey. It allows me to have a better understanding of individuals, family and myself. It helps me build the capacity to connect their needs and sufferings. It provides me with a platform to meet many supportive friends and teachers. Thank you, APSS, for the award. I am truly grateful to receive it. It is a great encouragement.”

 CHAN Shun Lai Carol_Photo

CHAN Shun Lai Carol

(Master of Arts in Social Work (Family-centred Practice and Family Therapy))

“I have been constantly amazed by the unreserved sharing of experiences and real cases from teachers excelling in different scopes and have enjoyed the open discussion and challenges in class with students from all walks of life who have co-constructed and enriched the learning experiences and outcomes.

I was surprised to receive the award which really belongs to the whole class who worked hard together amidst a busy schedule and made the year a fruitful and enjoyable journey.”


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