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Fostering Closer Links with Academic Partners from University of Dundee (Scotland, UK), Naresuan University and Thammasat University (Thailand) and Capital University of Economics and Business (Beijing, China)

APSS was pleased to welcome two distinguished delegations. APSS hosted representatives from the University of Dundee on 19 April 2024, followed by a visit from Naresuan University on 24 April 2024. During the visits, we had the pleasure of exchanging insights on recent advancements in teaching and learning from Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and Thailand. The two delegations were offered a guided tour of APSS’s teaching facilities, including PolyU’s Hybrid Immersive Virtual Environment (HiVE) and our apartment’s virtual reality studio, the CAVE-cum-Studio Device (CSD). We are also very pleased to welcome students and academic staff from Thammasat University (13 May 2024) and the Capital University of Economics and Business (13 – 19 May 2024). APSS hosted a group of 6 students and academic staff from Thammasat University, who were offered a guided tour of the university campus as well as APSS’s teaching facilities, exhibitions, and one of our research centres (The China and Global Development Network). Additionally, APSS hosted 22 Social Work students and staff from the Capital University of Economics and Business. We were pleased to offer a tour of our university facilities, in addition to NGOs in Hong Kong to engage in a broader discussion about addressing the needs of the underprivileged. The students also had the opportunity to participate in a meet and greet with APSS’s own Social Work students.

21 May, 2024


20240422 EASE Fund_398

APSS Postgraduate Students’ Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

The start-up, named E-Bridge Elderly Services, has been founded by Mrs. Jianling LIANG (DSW Student) and Mr. Alex Jia ZHUANG (Ph.D. Student). E-Bridge serves as a seamless technological platform that promotes cross-border eldercare between Hong Kong seniors and high-end eldercare homes in Mainland cities within the Greater Bay Area. It connects the two groups through 3-D scanning and VR production technology, a senior-friendly website and mobile application, as well as experiential travels. APSS is very proud to learn that this start-up initiated by two APSS postgraduate students was awarded the Education⁺ and Social Entrepreneurs (EASE) Fund (HK$150,000) and the Best Social Impact Award from The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) in March 2024. Prior to this, the project received the Micro Fund from PolyU and was selected in the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation’s (HKSTP) Ideation Programme. APSS is committed to nurturing students to become change makers and future leaders in order to make a difference in the society.    Congratulations to Jianling and Alex! Both of you make us proud.

22 Apr, 2024


20240418 3V4A2662_p

Annual Best Paper Award for Research Postgraduate Students (MPhil/PhD) 2023

The highly anticipated Annual Best Paper Award for Research Postgraduate Students 2023 presentation was held on 18 April 2024.  It highlights the commitment to excellence and academic achievement within the research postgraduate community. Congratulations to all the awardees for their remarkable accomplishments. The five outstanding recipients are: Mr Siu Wing Alex CHAN, PhD candidate in APSS, (, The following are Mr CHAN's award papers: Chan, A.S.W., Ku, H.B. and Yan, E. (2024). Exploring Discrimination, Social Acceptance, and Its Impact on the Psychological Well-being of Older Men Who Have Sex with Men: A Cross-sectional Study. BMC Public Health 24, 49. doi: 10.1186/s12889-023-17574-8   Chan, A.S.W., Tam, H.L., Wong, F.K.C., Wong, G., Leung, L.M., Ho, J.M.C., Tang P.M.K., Yan, E. (forthcoming/in press). Investigating the Interrelationships among Mental Health, Substance Use Disorders, and Suicidal Ideation among Lesbian, gay, and bisexual Adults in United Status: Population-Based Statewide Survey Study. JMIR Public Health and Surveillance. 18/12/2023:48776. doi: 10.2196/48776   Chan, A.S.W., Leung, L.M., Wong, F.K.C., Ho, J.M.C., Tam, H.L., Tang, P.M.K., Yan, E. (2023). Needs and Experiences of Cancer Care in Patients' Perspectives among the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Community: A Systematic Review. Social Work in Health Care. 2023 Jul-Dec;62(8-9):263-279. doi: 10.1080/00981389.2023.2226182   Chan, A.S.W. (2023). RuPaul’s Drag Race: A Cultural Phenomenon That Challenges Gender Norms and Sparks Conversations Across Borders. Journal of Homosexuality. 1-4. doi: 10.1080/00918369.2023.2216336   Chan, A.S.W., Tam, H.L., Leung, L.M., Wong, F.K.C., Ho, J.M.C. and Yan, E. (Accepted). Examining the Interplay of Psychological Well-being, Health, and Aging in Older LGBT Adults: A Systematic Review. Sexuality Research and Social Policy. Ms Shiyun CHEN, PhD student in APSS, (, Chen, S., Zhu, S. (2023). Unravelling the Intricacies between Gaming Motivations and Internet Gaming Disorder Symptoms in Adolescents: A Network Analysis of 2-year Healthy and Deteriorating Transition Profiles. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health 17, 122. doi: 10.1186/s13034-023-00671-2 Ms Xiaoyan CHEN, PhD candidate in APSS, (, Chen, X.Y., Lo, C.K.M., Chen, Q., Gao, S., Ho, F.K., Brownridge, D.A., Leung, W.C., Ip, P., and Chan, K.L.E. (2024). Intimate Partner Violence Against Women Before, During, and After Pregnancy: A Meta-Analysis. Trauma, Violence, & Abuse. doi: 10.1177/15248380241226631 Mr Bo LI, PhD candidate in APSS, (  Li, B., Chen, J., and Howard, N. (2023). Community Nursing Delivery in Urban China: A Social Power Perspective. Social Science & Medicine 2023 Jun;326:115923. doi: 10.1016/j.socscimed.2023.115923 Dr Pak Lik TSANG, PhD graduate in APSS, ( Tsang, A.P.L., Lu, H. and Lo, H.H.M. (2024). The Acute Effects of Focused Attention and Open Monitoring Meditations on Prospective Memory in Older Adults. Mindfulness 15, 19–36. doi: 10.1007/s12671-023-02292-4   

18 Apr, 2024


20240417 APSSGA Event 202403_1

Unwind and Recharge: Exploring the Beauty of Nature and Friendship

The APSS Graduate Association joyfully organised a Tung Lung Chau and Lei Yu Mun One-Day tour on 13 April 2024. This activity marked an exhilarating start to the spring season and attracted APSS alumni, staff, and students to come and relax. During the tour, participants had the opportunity to experience the tranquility of nature, enjoy a delicious seafood feast, and visit Lei Yu Mun Temple and Souvenir Street. It was a rejuvenating weekend filled with delight and peacefulness for all who attended.

17 Apr, 2024


20240415 Workshop4

Supporting Rural Social Work for Children in Need: A PolyU-PKU-ChicagoU Tripartite Collaborative Project

The Training Workshop for Social Work Professionals Serving Children in Disadvantaged Conditions in Rural China took place on 20-21 March 2024 at Peking University (PKU). It was co-organised by APSS at PolyU, the Department of Sociology at PKU, the Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy and Practice at The University of Chicago (ChicagoU), and the PKU-PolyU China Social Work Research Centre. Twelve teams of social work professionals from various regions in China, serving children in different disadvantaged conditions, participated in the workshop. This workshop is part of the PolyU-PKU-ChicagoU Tripartite Collaborative Project, and is the first onsite face-to-face workshop following a series of online training workshop for the same groups of participants held between July and October in 2023. The workshop was Chaired by Dr Qiaobing WU, Associate Professor and Associate Head of APSS at the PolyU, as PolyU Representative of the Tripartite Collaborative Project. Dr Suo DENG, Associate Professor of the Department of Sociology at PKU, and Dr Zhiying MA, Assistant Professor of The Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy and Practice at The University of Chicago, were also present at the workshop as PKU and ChicagoU representatives. Prof. Fengzhi MA, Professor of the Department of Sociology at PKU and Chairperson of China Association for Social Work Education, delivered a welcome speech for the opening ceremony of the workshop. In her address, she emphasised the workshop's objectives, which were to facilitate exchange among social workers and researchers serving children in the rural contexts nationwide and to further explore the path of integrating social work practice and research. During the workshop, various experts contributed their unique perspectives and expertise, enriching the discussions and knowledge exchange. Dr Qiqi CHEN, Assistant Professor of APSS, and Dr Wei LU, Associate Professor of Xiamen University, shared their insights into evaluating projects for children in distress. Dr Aimee HILADO, Assistant Professor at ChicagoU’s Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy and Practice, presented on the impact of trauma on children's development, emphasising the significance of early experiences, caregiver support, and trauma-informed interventions in promoting children's well-being. Prof. Hok Bun KU, Professor of APSS, encouraged participants to reflect on their own practice and construct practical knowledge that can benefit other social workers. During the workshop, teams from different regions shared their cases and received feedback from guest speakers and workshop facilitators. Team representatives expressed their satisfaction with the case refinement and self-reflection process, discussing future plans and the workshop's vision.

15 Apr, 2024


teaching track Publications

Recent Publications from APSS Teaching Track Faculty

Journal Articles Published in 2023 and 2024 Dr Lucas SCRIPTER, Teaching Fellow of APSS, has recently published an article titled “The achievement gap thesis reconsidered: artificial intelligence, automation, and meaningful work” in AI & Society. The article delves into the impact of artificial intelligence on the future of meaningful work, with a specific focus on workplace achievements. Dr SCRIPTER also discusses the concept of automation, highlighting the autonomy gap and achievement gap within the workplace. Read the article: For further insights into Dr SCRIPTER's work, please refer to his previous article titled "Meaning in Life and the Vocation of Teaching" published in Studies in Philosophy and Education in 2023. This article illustrates the significance of teachers and education in guiding students towards meaningful lives. Read the article:   A Chapter Published in 2024   Dr Kong YAM, Senior Lecturer of APSS, Dr Rodney CHU, Senior Lecturer of APSS, and Prof. Eric CHUI, Chair Professor of Social Work and Criminology and Head of APSS have recently published a book chapter titled "The Making of the "New" Social Work Education in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Hong Kong" in Social Work Education and the COVID-19 Pandemic: International Insights toward Innovation and Creativity (Routledge, 2024). This chapter discusses how social work educators in the APSS at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) responded to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. It highlights the importance of departmental support, virtual teaching methods, and the use of technology like Padlet and e-learning. The chapter emphasises the benefits of incorporating practice-based elements and community service in social work education. It also presents a vision for the future, including the use of immersive technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality to enhance social work pedagogy. Read the article:

12 Apr, 2024


20240411 Daniel Shek Hong Kong family happiness falls to 6-year low_2

Prof. Daniel Shek Urges Government to Prioritise Mental Health and Family Resilience

The "Family Happiness Index" survey was organised by HK.WeCare under Wofoo Social Enterprises, with the School of Nursing of Tung Wah College as the research partner. The results showed that the Family Happiness Index had declined, albeit at a slower pace than in previous years. Prof. Daniel SHEK, Chair Professor of the Department of Applied Social Sciences, Associate Vice-President (Undergraduate Programmes) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Adviser for HK.WeCARE, Research Consultant and former Chairman of the Family Council, said that during and after the pandemic, mental health issues are on the rise, and the government needs to reflect on cultivating personal resilience and family resilience.   Online coverage: SCMP - (subscription required) The Standard - Sing Tao Daily - Headline Daily -   Other references: Shek D. T. L. (2021). COVID-19 and Quality of Life: Twelve Reflections. Applied Research in Quality of Life, 16(1), 1–11. Shek, D. T. L., Leung, J. T. Y., & Tan, L. (2023). Social Policies and Theories on Quality of Life under COVID-19: In Search of the Missing Links. Applied Research in Quality of Life, 18(3), 1149-1165. Shek D. T. L. (2024). Do Student Mental Health Problems Disappear over Night in the Postpandemic Era? Journal of Adolescent Health, S1054-139X(24)00088-0. Advance online publication.

11 Apr, 2024


20240326 Outstanding Student Award and Presidential Student Leadership Award 2023

Presentation Ceremony for Outstanding Student Award and Presidential Student Leadership Award 2023

The Presentation Ceremony was held on 26 March 2024 in the Jockey Club Auditorium at PolyU.  At the departmental level, Ms Cheuk Lam LAU, BA (Hons) in Social Work is selected as the Presidential Student Leadership Award while Ms Wanzi SONG, BA (Hons) in Social Policy and Social Entrepreneurship is selected the Outstanding Student Award. Congratulations to Cheuk Lam and Wanzi on their remarkable achievement!

3 Apr, 2024


20240326 P1 007

International Scholar Talk on Practice Research – Not Just Does It Work? But for Whom? RCT and CDM Meet and Have a Baby Together

An International Scholar Talk on Practice Research was held on 26 March 2024. Prof. Eric CHUI, Chair Professor of Social Work and Criminology and Head of APSS, gave a warm welcome to Prof. Irwin EPSTEIN, Professor Emeritus of City University of New York. Prof. EPSTEIN shared his views on the birth of a new clinical research paradigm parented by Randomized Clinical Trial (RCT) and Clinical Data-Mining (CDM). He pointed out that the two research approaches can be recursively combined. In a CDM study, Dr Herman LO, Associate Professor of APSS, discussed his study on 600 adults to assess the impact of Group Cognitive Behavior Therapy (GCBT) for service users with mild to moderate emotional symptoms. Prof. Siu Man NG, Professor at The University of Hong Kong, shared his research experience of using RCT and CDM methodologies with the participants. 

3 Apr, 2024


20240325 3V4A2261

APSS and PPAC organised a Workshop on the “Use of Emotions as Change Mechanism”

On 25 March 2024, the Department of Applied Social Sciences (APSS) and Professional Practice and Assessment Centre (PPAC) had the privilege of hosting Dr Ting LIU for a captivating talk on the use of emotions as change mechanism. Dr LIU is a certified EFT trainer, supervisor and therapist. She is licensed in Pennsylvania as a Marriage and Family Therapist. She maintains a Private Practice in Wayne, PA.

3 Apr, 2024


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