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20231125 Beijing visit BenPicture 05

Salon on "The Yes-and-No of DSW" and Alumni Reunion Dinner in Beijing

On 25 November 2023, the Peking University-PolyU China Social Work Research Centre (the Centre) hosted a salon titled "The Yes-and-No of DSW" (社會工作專業博士(DSW)的是與不是). This salon serves as a platform for scholars and experts to understand the vision and operations of the Doctor of Social Work (DSW) programme.   Prof. Ben KU, DSW Programme Leader and Professor at APSS, introduced the aims and characteristics of DSW. He explained how the DSW programme differs from the traditional PhD programmes in social work. He also shared the concepts and philosophical framework that underpin the course design of the DSW programme. The salon concluded with a Q&A session, where Prof. KU answered questions from both online and offline participants. The salon attracted about 120 attendees at the Centre and about 3,000 online viewers.   A gathering dinner of The PolyU - PKU Master of Social Work (China) programme and PhD graduates was held in Beijing on the same day to celebrate the achievements and friendships of the alumni. About 50 graduates from different classes of The PolyU - PKU Master of Social Work (China) programme, PhD graduates and PolyU faculty members, including Prof. Eric CHUI, Head of APSS, Prof. Angelina YUEN-TSANG, Honorary Professor of APSS and Prof. Ben KU, attended the event. The representatives of each class and PhD graduates made short speeches and expressed their gratitude to PolyU for providing them with quality education and support. The dinner was a success and strengthened the bond between the alumni and the programme.

30 Nov, 2023


20231124_Social Work Innovation Theory and Practice in the New Development Stage

International Conference Explores Social Work Innovation: Theory and Practice in the New Development Stage

The highly anticipated International Conference on "Social Work Innovation: Theory and Practice in the New Development Stage" was held from 24 November to 25 November 2023 at Peking University, Beijing. The conference serves as a platform for scholars and experts to delve into various aspects of social work innovation.   After a hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference has made a vibrant return, attracting over a hundred abstracts from 12 countries and regions. Scholars and experts from countries such as Belarus, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Italy, the United States, Thailand, and Vietnam, have come together to share their insights on social work's new era.   The conference received support from esteemed sponsors, including the Si Yuan Foundation and the ZeShan Foundation, and these contributions have made this event possible. The organisers, including the Department of Sociology at Peking University, APSS of PolyU, the Peking University - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University China Social Work Research Centre, and the China and Global Development Network at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, have worked tirelessly to orchestrate such a successful conference.   Highlighting the conference's intellectual discourse, Prof. Eric CHUI, Head of APSS, delivered a keynote speech and presentation titled “Fostering Proficiency and Compassion: Innovation in Social Work Education for Transformative Future”. The event, featuring a diverse range of sessions and panels, serves as a dynamic platform for global social work professionals and researchers to engage in knowledge exchange and foster collaboration.   Online coverage:  

27 Nov, 2023


20231123 Prof Ben Ku_Community Investment and Inclusion Fund

APSS Project on Digital Social Capital Secures Funding from Community Investment and Inclusion Fund

APSS received funding from Community Investment and Inclusion Fund (CIIF) for the project titled "Digital Social Capital: Its Formation and Deployment of an Indigenous Framework for Hong Kong Communities", led by Principal Investigator Prof. Ben KU Hok Bun, Professor of APSS.   PI: Prof. Ben KU Hok Bun, Professor of APSS Co-Is: Prof. Yuk Chung CHAN (former Professor of APSS), Dr Denny HO Kwok Leung (Senior Project Fellow of APSS and former Associate Professor of APSS) and Ms Sui Kan YIP (Associate Director of China and Global Development Network) Funding amount: HKD 3,999,000 Project period: 01 Dec 2023 - 30 Nov 2026 Project summary: The project titled “Digital social capital: Its formation and deployment of an indigenous framework for Hong Kong communities project” aims to identify and understand the formation process and features of digital social capital in Hong Kong communities through practice research. Partnering with 10 CIIF funded projects, the project will hold workshops to discuss global and local developments, types and features of digital social capital, and robustly analyse and record its formation process in the Hong kong context. Subsequently, a tentative indigenous practice model will be generated and further modified with 10 CIIF funded projects to guide future project development. Capacity building programmes and conferences will be organised to share and publish findings, as well as to promote cross-sectoral platforms for exchanging practical knowledge and skills on social capital formation.

24 Nov, 2023


20231121 CG talk photo collage

PReCIT Hosts the Third Consul General Talk Series on Promoting Bangladesh-Hong Kong ICT Partnership

The third Consul General Talk Series was successfully held on 21 November 2023. It was hosted by the Policy Research Centre for Innovation and Technology (PReCIT), in collaboration with APSS and the Global Engagement Office. In the third Talk Series, Ms Israt Ara, the Consul General of Bangladesh in Hong Kong, gave a talk titled ‘Promoting partnership between Bangladesh and Hong Kong in ICT to create a knowledge-based economy’. Her talk featured contemporary policy discussions in Bangladesh on moving towards a knowledge-based economy, forthcoming advancements in ICT, opportunities for talented students to contribute to the “Smart Bangladesh” vision, and areas for collaboration between Hong Kong and Bangladesh. In the closing speech, Prof. Eric CHUI, Head of APSS and Co-Director of PReCIT, expressed his sincere gratitude to the esteemed guests for their presence and involvement in the third Consul General Talk Series. He also highlighted the ongoing commitment to knowledge-sharing, and emphasised the need to continue building an inclusive, knowledge-based economy. The event concluded successfully, with takeaway messages on how we can foster a spirit of innovation, collaboration, and sustainable development. 

22 Nov, 2023


APSS Entry Scholarship for Self-financed Taught Postgraduate Programmes 202324

APSS Entry Scholarship for Self-financed Taught Postgraduate Programme 2023/24

The APSS Entry Scholarship for Self-financed Taught Postgraduate Programmes is available to outstanding students admitted to taught postgraduate programmes at the master’s level. Awardees are nominated based on admission results and academic achievements. The scholarship offers one-off awards of varying amounts, ranging from HK$10,000 to HK$80,000. Congratulations to awarded students! Let’s hear what they have to say:      Ms Ke ZENG (Master of Applied Psychology) “I am a dedicated psychology student, set to graduate from Boston University. My academic journey has been complemented by internships at renowned institutions like the Shenzhen Kangning Hospital and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Additionally, I have devoted my time as a volunteer crisis counsellor, providing mental support to individuals in distress. My passion for psychology and my motivation to contribute meaningfully to this field have led me to choose PolyU’s Master of Applied Psychology programme in APSS to further my education.”   Ms Yan Tung Audrey TSE (Master of Applied Psychology (Diverse Learning Needs)) “I completed my Bachelor of Science in Speech and Hearing Sciences at The University of Hong Kong in 2021, and I have been working as a school-based speech therapist since then. While providing services targeting the speech, language, and communication needs of students, I hope to acquire more knowledge and practical skills for working with individuals with diverse learning needs.”     Ms Chi Yan Lavender CHAN (Master of Arts in Guidance and Counselling) “I work in a counselling and training centre in Hong Kong where I conduct initial screenings for emotionally distressed clients and assist psychologists in providing mental health support services for schools, non-governmental organisations, and companies. In 2022, I graduated from HKU’s Master of Buddhist Counselling programme with Distinction. I chose to pursue a second master’s degree in PolyU’s APSS because of the programme’s highly intensive and closely supervised practicum, which is not commonly found in similar programmes. Given my strong passion to become a professional, empathetic, and skilled counsellor, I believe that I have made the right decision.     Mr Cham Kwan HUNG (Master of Arts in Mental Health) “In 2021, I completed my studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in Social Work. Currently, I am employed as a secondary school social worker. In my role, I frequently interact with students who experience mental health illnesses and emotional challenges. This experience has highlighted the significance of acquiring mental health knowledge and improving practical skills, which has motivated me to enrol in this programme.”   Ms Pui Ying Corina CHEUNG (Master of Arts in School and Community Psychology) “With my undergraduate studies and first master’s degree focusing on aspects related to Journalism and Communication, I worked as a brand and marketing practitioner after graduation. Psychology-related electives during my previous studies sparked my interest in further pursuing education in this field. The emphasis on “to learn and to apply” at PolyU resonates with me, and I believe that the courses offered in the Master of Arts in School and Community Psychology programme strike a useful balance between theory and application.”   Ms Xinyu YI (Master of Arts in Social Policy and Social Development) “I graduated from UIC with a degree in Social Work and Social Administration and received the 11th Lam Woo Distinguished Social Work Award. As I explored my options for further education, I found that the SPSD curriculum in PolyU’s APSS encompasses social development theories, policy analysis, and research methods. The programme also offers diverse activities and opportunities to apply for a Dual Degree Programme with the University of Washington. I firmly believe that this programme will enhance my professional knowledge, practical experience, and broaden my horizons. I am eager to apply for it.”     Mr Shu Sing KWOK (Master of Social Work) “I hold a master’s degree in counselling. Previously, I worked in an integrated service centre and an art company, gaining experience in community service, programme management, and counselling. I am also a shareholder in an IT firm, creating mobile apps and systems to enhance the quality of our daily lives. Over the past decade, I have enjoyed volunteering and participating in community programmes.”  

22 Nov, 2023


20231110 Web banner_Graduation 2023_web

PolyU FHSS Congregation 2023: Celebrating Achievements and Inspiring Futures

Over 430 graduates from our Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate programmes gathered on 10 November 2023 for the 29th Congregation of Faculty of Health and Social Sciences (FHSS). Congratulations were extended to all graduates for completing their studies successfully in the 2022/23 academic year.   The atmosphere was filled with joy and pride as the FHSS and APSS community celebrated this significant milestone. Words of appreciation and encouragement echoed through the venue, acknowledging the graduates' hard work and the knowledge they gained during their time at PolyU.   Graduates had the opportunity to capture valuable memories with the photography service provided by the APSS Graduates Association. Their photographs serve as cherished mementos of their time at PolyU.   Once again, congratulations to all the graduates of APSS on their remarkable accomplishments. May their future be filled with continued success and fulfilment!   Dean's Honours List Name Award Title CHU Cheuk Yin Bachelor of Arts in Applied Ageing Studies and Service Management LAM Kim Fung CHAN Shu Lam Bachelor of Arts in Social Policy and Social Entrepreneurship FOK Chun Ip HO Chun Wan LEE Ka Wing LAU Wing Kiu Bachelor of Arts in Social Work LAM Kin Ngai Jabez LAM Yee Ching LIN Huiying LUI Justin Hei Yeung CHAN Chi Fung Master of Applied Psychology FENG Yushan CHAN Kwok Fung Master of Applied Psychology (Diverse Learning Needs) CHAN Lok Lam Bianca CHAN Wing Suen KAM Po Yee SO Kwan Wah Maegan TSANG Sz Chai WONG Yee Tung YU Man Ting CHAN Yat Ching Master of Arts in Guidance and Counselling CHAN Yeuk Ki CHUNG Manyee Sandy LAM Yi Karini LI Pik San Deon TSUI Tak Heng WONG Lai Lai Master of Arts in School and Community Psychology NING Jing YUNG Kit Kan Samson AN Yufei Master of Arts in Social Policy and Social Development AU Hei Yin CHU Chun Fung CHU Long Man JIN Weidong LAU Tsz Ching LEUNG King Hang LEUNG Nok Hang LI Man Wun LI Xinyu LIU Long Hin LIU Yunshu NGAN Sze Yuen TANG Tsz Ying YU Ho Hin ZHANG Jingxian KONG Kin Wa Master of Arts in Social Work (Family-Centred Practice and Family Therapy) IP Ka Chi Antony Master of Social Work

14 Nov, 2023


20231113 collage_Nick Jingqiang ZENG

APSS DSW Student Receives Prestigious Hong Kong ICT Awards for Innovative Medication Management Solution

Mr Nick Jingqiang ZENG, a Doctor of Social Work (DSW) student at APSS, has been awarded the Student Innovation Grand Award and Student Innovation (Postgraduate or above) Gold Award at the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2023.   Mr ZENG developed the winning project "Meditech", which utilises a smart pill box and a centralised management system to effectively remind elderly individuals to take their medications on time and in the correct dosage. The management system serves as an assistant to pharmacists, confirming prescriptions and generating medication plans by using visual recognition and big data. It improves medication adherence, reduces dosing errors, enhances treatment satisfaction among elderly patients, and prevents adverse health effects.   The Judging Panel lauded "Meditech" for effectively addressing the issue of medication dependence in elderly healthcare by combining Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and big data technologies to provide a comprehensive smart medication management solution. Mr ZENG added, “The knowledge of my DSW programme also inspires me a lot to consider the design and user experience of the stakeholders of the product, not only the older adults but also the care-givers and related institutions.” The Student Innovation Award is steered by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, and organised by the Hong Kong New Emerging Technology Education Association (HKNETEA). Its aims are to promote the development of information technology and provide young people with more opportunities to access and learn new technologies and broaden their horizon and creativity. Advisors: Prof. Eric CHUI, Head of Department of Applied Social Sciences Dr Joni ZHONG, Research Assistant Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences Online coverage: HKSAR Government Press Release: KTEO LinkedIn: KTEO Facebook: AmGwVoUakv2Rw5wGKExr9Wzy2DmpLJDFgsRkyoJTl Government World - Wen Wei Po - Hong Kong Commercial Daily - IT Pro - Sina HK -

13 Nov, 2023



Head of APSS Presents in an International Conference in Cebu City, Philippines

The 27th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference 2023, was held from 5 to 7 November 2023, at Waterfront Hotel in Cebu City, Philippines. The event was organised by the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) Asia Pacific Region, Asia Pacific Association for Social Work Education (APASWE), and the Philippines Association of Social Workers, Inc. (PASWI).   The conference offered delegates a platform to inspire and share about their efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals through social work practice, education, and research. Prof. Eric CHUI, Head of APSS, was invited as a special guest speaker to the opening session of the conference on 5 November 2023. Prof. CHUI delivered a speech titled "Advancing Sustainable Social Work Education for Building Resilient and Equitable Communities". It highlighted PolyU's unique contributions to the community, including the PolyU Alumni-driven Gerontech Innovation and the PReCIT (Policy Research Centre for Innovation and Technology) initiative, which advocates for the development of Hong Kong as a carbon-neutral city.

10 Nov, 2023



Successful Conference Explores Practice Research and Social Capital Development in Social Work

The conference “Practice Research - The Process of Developing Social Capital by Social Workers’ Conference: Consolidation and Looking ahead” (實踐研究 - 社工建立社會資本的過程」: 總結與展望研討會) was successfully held on 3 November 2023. It brought together researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders who were involved in a three-year project, funded by the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund (CIIF), titled “Evaluation as Learning Tools: Practice Research for the PRH (Public Rental Housing) Projects”.   The event commenced with speeches by Prof. Eric CHUI, Head of APSS, and Dr. Ning FAN, committee member of CIIF, who shared heartfelt insights and their vision of fostering strong community connections. Prof. Ben KU, Professor of APSS and Centre Director of China and Global Development Network, and the APSS research team then presented their research findings and underscored the importance of practice research in the field of social work. Also, social workers from Methodist Centre, Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association, St. James’ Settlement, and The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council took to the stage to share their strategies and wisdom in forming social capital in estate communities and their involvement in practice research with APSS.   The conference was well received. Around 200 attendees participated, including professional social work practitioners, educators, students, and experts from various disciplines. The resounding success of the conference reflected the dedication and commitment of all participants in advancing the field of social work and promoting practice research. 

10 Nov, 2023


PolyU InfoDay_P_2023

PolyU Information Day 2023

PolyU Information Day was successfully held in-person on 21 October 2023. Three APSS Information Seminars were very well received by prospective students and their parents. Our staff were very grateful with their overwhelming interest in our Undergraduate programme – BA (Hons) Scheme in Applied Social Sciences (JS3250) and Taught Postgraduate Programmes. During the Information Day, prospective students asked our current staff and students questions about studying at APSS.  They were keen on learning how our programmes would equip them with the essential knowledge, values and skills needed for social work and human services professionals. An appreciation lunch with student volunteers and administrative staff who have supported the PolyU Information Day 2023 wholeheartedly was organised on 24 October 2023.

25 Oct, 2023


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