Project Description 項目介紹

  • 香港首個以50歲或以上本地居民為研究對象的關注活齡經驗的代表性長期追蹤數據庫
    The first longitudinal database of Hong Kong local residents aged 50 or above that studies their ageing experience.
  • 項目每兩年對香港50+人士的社會參與、家庭功能、健康福祉等進行了解和追蹤。
    To track and monitor social participation, family functioning and health well-being of 50+ Hong Kongers every two years.

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 Research Objectives 研究目的

  • 檢視香港50+人士的幸福程度 
    To examine levels of happiness among persons aged above 50
  • 識別影響幸福感的因素,包括個人、家庭、社會參與與網絡、社區及社會的影響 
    To identify the influencing factors of happiness, considering individual, family, social participation and network, community, and society level impact.
  • 探討通過提升家庭功能、促進社會參與和社會發展等方式,提升個人幸福感的方法 
    To explore the potential intervention to increase happiness and decrease loneliness through family functioning, social participation and social development


Funded by ZeShan Foundation 


 Project Implemention 項目實施