Project Objectives 項目目標

  • Integration of participants' knowledge and practices regarding intergenerational family relationships, retirement planning, and health. 
  • Enhance participants’ abilities in communication and organizing activities By engaging in discussions and volunteer activities. 
  • Promote participants' self-growth, strengthen their sense of volunteer identity and commitment, and enhance intergenerational understanding. 
  • Expand the outcomes of the original “Gearing-up” project to the community. 


Funded by the Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation 


Project Themes 項目主題

LKK themes


Project Design 項目設計

LKK design

In the second phase of “Team Love Contributor”, other than older aged participants, students from Applied Ageing Studies and Service Management Programme join the project as well. 


Training Session 培訓課程

LKK Training session


Research Analysis 研究分析

LKK Effectiveness - Members 築愛隊成員 



Volunteer Competencies義工能力 (Total score 70 總分70分 ):

  • Information search 資訊檢索 
  • Learn new things 學習新事物 
  • Volunteer Activity Design 設計義工活動 
  • Volunteer Activity Organisation 組織義工活動 
  • Interpersonal communication 人際溝通 
  • Team work 團隊合作 
  • Fluent expression 流利表達 

* There was a consistent and significant increase in the total score of the seven competencies.


  • LKK effect
  • There was also a significant increase in the sense of volunteer identity amongst the team members.
  • There was a significant increase in the knowledge level of the team members, which supported the theories learnt through practice.


LKK effect 1

  • Based on the three themes (Family Relationships, Retirement Life and Healthy Life), we assessed the attitudes, knowledge, and abilities of the members in the above five areas (on a scale of 0-30). Overall, there was a significant improvement in the pre and post-test results for all themes. 
    根據三個主題,我們對築愛隊成員在以下五個方面的態度、知識與能力進行了評估(0-30分) 。整體而言,所有主題的前後測結果都有顯著增幅。


LKK evaluation