Project Description 項目介紹

From the insights of the huge intergenerational digital literacy gap and yet crucial especially in the middle of global pandemic, we believe that incorporating the intergenerational interaction into the process of digital inclusion for older adults, can significantly increase the digital participation of older adults, narrow the generational digital gap, and improve physical and mental well-being as well as quality of life of both parties. Guided by the Theory of Learning (Illeris, 2003) and Senior Technology Acceptance Model (Chen & Chan, 2014), we will co-design and co-implement multifarious and differentiated ICT training courses and immersive extracurricular activities with pioneers in various sectors, where older adults can co-learn with their peers and the younger generation in joyful multigenerational-empowering learning setting. Finally, this programme aims at creating an evidence-based sustainable intergenerational digital inclusion training model by capitalizing validated research findings collected within, which can ultimately entail the institutional capacity building for different sectors in digital inclusion.



Project Objectives 计劃目标

Multigenerational Empowerment, Effective Model Development, Institutional Capacity Building


  • To boost the self-efficacy, autonomy, and social connectedness of older adults from different socioeconomic backgrounds in Hong Kong by increasing their digital literacy 
  • To increase confidence and competence in interactions with the other generation 
  • To increase young people’s awareness of and sensitivity to ageing and its relevance to their career building 
  • To enhance intergenerational solidarity both within families and in communities and society 
  • To build an evidence-based sustainable intergenerational digital inclusion training model contributing to individual empowerment and institutional capacity building 


Theory-Guided Programme Design 理論指導下的項目設計

SIE theory guided

Funded by The Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund) 



Project Duration 項目年期

Oct 2021 to Mar 2024 2021 年 10 月至 2024 年 3 月


Four Components 四大元素

SIE component


 SIE Training Content 培訓內容

1. Digital Training Courses 數碼培訓課程

Learning capacity building sessions 學習能力提升課程(1 session )

Digital training sessions 數碼訓練課程(7 sessions)

Features 特色

  • Hybrid teaching mode accommodating 15-25 students per course 
  • Using positive education to enhance students’ motivation 
  • Coteached by peer and young tutor and can register with a study buddy 
  • With online assessment and homework 

2. Immersion Activities「授後」支援活動

  • Before class 課前:
    one-on-one follow-up from teaching assistants 學習能力跟進
  • Amid class 課中:
    group practice led by teaching assistants 配對分組練習
  • After class 課後:
    Tutorial 課後輔導:Q&A session and advanced learning session 課後問題解答及學習延伸;
    Consultation 課後手機諮詢室:drop-in/appointed consultation for mobile device issues 偶到/預約制;
    Outreach 外展:數碼活動/義工服務/就業機會


Research Analysis 研究分析


SIE Effectiveness: 長者 Older Learners

SIE elders

Note: * p<.05; ** p <.01; *** p <.001

  • Digital Skills 長者對數碼科技的掌握增強
  • Gerontechnology Anxiety 長者對使用科技的焦慮減少
  • General Health Conditions 長者的整體健康狀況轉好
  • The Support You Get from Your Friends And Family 長者對從朋友及家人處獲得的支持滿意程度增加
  • Lifelong Learning Motivation 長者的終身學習動力提升
  • Confidence 長者與年輕人相處自信心提高了
  • Skills 長者與年輕人相處的技巧提升了
  • Barriers 長者與年輕人相處時遇到的障礙減少了
  • Attitude towards Young People 長者對年輕人的態度好轉
  • Consensual-normative Solidarity 長者的共同性-規範性凝聚增強


年青人士 Youth Service Providers

SIE youth

 Note: * p<.05; ** p <.01; *** p <.001

  • Confidence 年青人士與長者相處的自信心提高了
  • Skills 年青人士與長者相處的技能提升了
  • Self-efficacy 年青人士的自我效能感增強
  • Professional Interests 年青人士對從事長者相關行業的興趣提高
  • Gerontological Skills 年青人士的老年學技巧提升






For inquiries, please contact 欲知更多資訊,請聯繫

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