Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Data Science and Analytics (63425)

  • Programme Code63425
  • Mode of StudyFull-time
  • Normal Duration2 years
  • Required for Awards64 credits (plus 2 training credits)*
  • Programme bookletDownload here


*Some students would be required to take more credits depending on their background. Please refer to the Curriculum for details.

Programme Aim
  • To produce graduates with expertise that cuts across core disciplines of mathematics, statistics and computer science. It emphasizes the critical arc that runs from data to information, information to knowledge, and knowledge to decision making. The education is to develop students’ analytical, critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills which will enable them to pursue a variety of careers.
  • This programme is focused on the study of analytical skills based on mathematics, statistics and computing, and apply them to the management, analysis of data, as well as the discovery of lawfulness from very large data sets or systems, now generally referred as Big Data. Students should be able to manage massive data and help make appropriate decisions upon successful completion of the programme.
Career Prospects
  • Data Science and Analytics is concerned with turning large scale data into intelligence through the application of cutting-edge techniques in mathematics, statistics and computer science.
  • The BSc(Hons) in Data Science and Analytics programme is designed to develop students’ analytical, critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills which will enable them to pursue a variety of careers such as finance, telecoms, information technology, market research, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. Graduates can also pursue further studies in postgraduate programmes locally or overseas.
Programme Team
Entrance Requirement

Holder of a Higher Diploma or an Associate Degree in IT, statistics, engineering, science or business from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, or similar qualifications from other local educational institutions or equivalent. The applicant may also have to satisfy the Selection Panel in other respects such as an interview.

How to apply

Students may apply this articulation degree programmes directly to PolyU via the online platform eAdmission.

AMA Entrance Scholarships 

To give recognition to outstanding local students admitted to its full-time undergraduate programmes, the Department of Applied Mathematics (AMA) sets up a one-off entrance scholarship for outstanding applicants. 

Please find details here.



Tel: 2766 6948

Programme Structure

This is a 2-year articulation degree programme. Student must complete all of the Discipline-Specific Requirement (DSR) and General University Requirement (GUR) subjects to fulfil the credit requirement for graduation, except those who are given credit transfers due to their prior study.

#General University Requirements - The GUR subjects comprise 6 credits of Cluster-Area Requirement (CAR) subjects and 3 credits of Service Learning (SL) subjects. Students not meeting the equivalent standard of the Undergraduate Degree Language Communication Requirements (LCR) based on their previous academic performance in AD/HD programmes will be required to take additional credits (English or/and Chinese) on top of the programme's normal credit requirement. Click here for details.


*Zero-credit subjects - Admitted students with insufficient background in mathematics or/and programming are required to pass the zero-credit subject(s) Calculus and Linear Algebra, Principles of Programming or their equivalents.


Please refer to Programme Requirement Document

Subject Library

Beyond Classroom Activities

Beyond classroom activities enrich student learning and knowledge. Latest activities include:

  • Distinguished Lecture by Honorary Professor
  • Talks by External Speakers
  • Company Visits
  • Work-Integrated Education
  • Student Exchanges / Field Trips
  • Learning Experiences Tours to Mainland China
  • Mentorship Programme
  • Student Activities by Departmental Society of Applied Mathematics
Professional recognition

Upon the completion of programme, graduates are expected to receive partial exemption from the professional assessment of:

  • Hong Kong Statistical Society
  • Royal Statistical Society of UK

Work-integrated education (WIE) provides an excellent context for students to understand and extend their knowledge through workplace experience. These include a broad understanding of the operation and requirement of real world businesses. It will also provide an opportunity for students to understand employers’ expectations, enhance their interpersonal and communication skills, thus actualizing the PolyU’s motto of “To learn and to apply, for the benefit of mankind”.

The minimum duration of WIE of this programme is three weeks or 120 hours, this is equivalent to 2 training credits which will not be counted towards the Grade Point Average (GPA). Unless approved by the WIE Officer, students should normally have finished their WIE training in the summer after they have completed Stage Two of the programme.

WIE / internship programme is a win-win partnership, which would offer our students the opportunity to acquire work-based learning, while providing employers with efficient and effective channels to hunt for competent students as interns and permanent employees.

For Employers who require on-campus recruitment, or simply want to publicize your job opportunities to recruit the right candidates, we can work closely with your organization and help you develop a tailored recruitment strategy. You are most welcome to contact us for

  • On-campus recruitment activities
  • Student internship programme
  • Free job posting


Please click HERE for details.

Contact us

Ms Eunice Hung

In order to help students to make informed and intelligent academic decisions/choices about their study that suit their professional and personal goals, every freshman will be assigned an academic advisor from his/her own Department under the 2-year undergraduate curriculum.


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