Submission of full paper to special issues

Deadline for submission of full paper to the following special issues is 1 September 2009.

Special Issue of Journal on Computational and Applied Mathematics
Tentative title: Engineering and Computational Mathematics
Guest Editors: Ian Sloan, Zhong-ci Shi, Colin Rogers, Cheong-ki Chan, Liqun Qi, Xiaojun Chen

Special Issue of Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications
Tentative title: Matrix Computations and Nonlinear Equations
Guest Editors: Xiaojun Chen and Owe Axelsson

Each speaker can submit one paper (less than 15 pages) to one of the special issues. All papers should be submitted to the Secretariat of ECM2009 in pdf format by electronic mail to

- every paper must be presented in the conference and fit within the ‘Aims and Scope’ of the journal.

- all papers will be subjected to a standard refereeing procedure before it can be accepted for publication.

- accepted papers must meet the journal-standards.