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Supply Chain Management (SCM) has been considered as a competitive strategy for integrating suppliers and customers with the objective of improving responsiveness and flexibility in organizations. It has been among of the most important fields to business education and practice in the world, not only relevant to manufacturing companies, but also to service and public sector organizations. In the era when customers increasingly need products and services with better quality, lower price, more flexibility, and quicker responses, the role of SCM is immense. Optimal design of a supply chain is therefore a crucial issue for SCM researchers and practitioners. As it is essential to focus on the SCM as an integrated system with physical flow of materials, manufacturing planning and control, and physical distribution, the development of models and approaches for SCM has become a challenging topic towards the optimization of supply chain priorities. There are numerous articles and reports published in the areas of SCM. On the other hand, significant advances have been made in the computational studies of optimization and optimal controls. A number of efficient computational techniques are now available for solving various classes of optimization and optimal control problems numerically. Despite the development of advanced information technology and significant advances in the computational studies of optimization and optimal controls, there are still many issues which need to be addressed with a view to enhance the application of SCM in real life environments and further theoretical development.

This workshop is intended to provide academics and practitioners with a forum to exchange ideas on research, teaching, and practice of operations and supply chain management, so as to promote better communication and joint efforts among practitioners and academics in the Asia Pacific region as well as those from other parts of the world.

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