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Prof. Lu Haitian
PolyU Scholars Hub

Prof. Haitian LU

Hong Kong Sustaintech Foundation Professor in Accounting and Finance, Director of Mainland Development Office

LL.B, LL.M, Ph. D


Prof. Haitian LU is Hong Kong Sustaintech Foundation Professor in Accounting and Finance, Director of Mainland Development Office and Co-Director of the Center for Economic Sustainability and Entrepreneurial Finance (CESEF) at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU). Prof. Lu obtained his Ph.D in law from National University of Singapore, Master of Law from Liverpool University and Bachelor of Law from Nanjing University. During January to June 2016 he was visiting research professor at New York University Stern School of Business. Prof. Lu’s teaching and research interest centers on the FinTech, RegTech, SustainTech, ethics and regulatory framework in Hong Kong and mainland China. He is the author / co-author of the books Secured Finance Law in China and Hong Kong (2010 Cambridge University Press), Truths and Half Truths: China’s Socio-Economic Reforms 1978-2010 (2011 Chandos Publishing), and The Role of China in Global Dirty Industry Migration (2008 Chandos Publishing). Prof. Lu had secured and completed 20 interdisciplinary projects with total funding over HKD 10 million. He is a frequent speaker at prominent international conferences and has published widely in leading law, finance, economics and management journals.

Prof. LU contributes to the academic and professional society by serving as Associate Editor of Journal of Financial Stability (SSCI), Council Member of Chinese Financial Association of Hong Kong (HCFA), Chief-Consultant of Chinese FI Finance & Treasury Association of Hong Kong (CFFTA), Deputy Director of the ESG Committee of Chinese Asset Management Association of Hong Kong (CAMAHK), executive committee member of the Research Institute for Sustainable Urban Development (RISUD), management committee member of the Smart City Research Institute (SCRI) at PolyU. He also chairs the course management committee at PolyU’s Knowledge Transfer and Entrepreneurship Office. He was previously Associate Dean of PolyU Faculty of Business (2018-2020), and Associate Head of PolyU School of Accounting and Finance (2012-2017). He is the Vice-chairman of the Federation of Alumni Association of Chinese Colleges and Universities in Hong Kong (2018-present), Vice-chairman of Greater Bay Area Fintech Promotion Association Limited (2019-present) and Deputy-Director General of the Macau International Healthcare Think Tank (2019-). He was also the external subject reviewer for Tung Wah College, Chinese University of Hong Kong and Caritas Francis Hsu College; external expert member for PRC IQS Working Group of the Hong Kong Institute of Charted Secretaries (HKICS); external examiner for Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Public Accountant (HKICPA); judge panel member for the Best Corporate Governance Disclosure Award 2012-2017, and President of the Hong Kong Alumni Association of Nanjing University, etc. Prof. LU was awarded “Ten Outstanding New Hong Kong Youngsters” in 2020.


Education and Academic Qualifications

Bachelor of Law, Nanjing University
Master of Laws, The University of Liverpool
Ph.D. in Law, National University of Singapore

Academic and Professional Experiences

  • Hong Kong Sustaintech Foundation Professor in Accounting and Finance
  • Director of Mainland Development Office
  • Co-Director, Center for Economic Sustainability and Entrepreneurial Finance

Research Interests

  • Corporate Disclosure And Governance
  • Entrepreneurial Finance And Fintech
  • Law And Economics
  • Fintech

Research Output


Ferdinand A. Gul, Lu H.T. 2011. Truths and Half Truths - China's Socio-Economic Reforms from 1979-2009, Chandos Publishing, Oxford, UK

Williams M., Lu H.T. and Ong C.A., 2010. Secured Finance Law in China and Hong Kong, Cambridge University Press

LU H.T. 2008. The Role of China in Global Dirty Industry Migration, Oxford, UK: Chandos Publishing, Oxford

Book Chapters:

Lu H.T., Tan Y. (2012) “International Venture Capital Hotspot: China”, in Landström and Mason (Eds.) Handbook of Research on Venture Capital, Edward Elgar, UK

Simpson A.F., Lu H.T. and Huang H. (2010) “World Online Business Law: Hong Kong”, in Simpson A.F. and Kinsella N.S. (Eds.) World Online Business Law, Oxford University Press, UK

Journal Articles:

Ye F.F., Yang L.H., Lu H.T., and Wang Y.M. 2022. A Novel Data-Driven Decision Model based on Extended Belief Rule Base to Predict China’s Carbon emissions, Journal of Environmental Management (accepted).

Yang L.H., Ren T.Y., Ye F.F., Nicholl P., Wang Y.M., and Lu H.T., 2022. An Ensemble Extended Belief Rule Base Decision Model for Imbalanced Classification Problems. Knowledge-based Systems (IF=8.038, forthcoming).

Gu X., Hasan I., and Lu H.T., 2022. Institutions and Corporate Reputation: Evidence from Public Debt Markets. Journal of Business Ethics (forthcoming).

Hasan I., He Q., and Lu H.T. 2022. Social Capital, Trusting, and Trustworthiness:  Evidence from Peer-to-Peer Lending. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 57(4) 1409-1453

Lu H.T., Wang B.Z., Wu Q., and Ye J. 2020. Fintech and the Future of Financial Service: A Literature Review and Research Agenda. China Accounting and Finance Review 22(3) 107-136

Lu H.T., Wang H.Z., Wang B. and Zhao T.Y. 2020. Does Social Capital Matter for Peer-to-Peer Lending? Empirical Evidence. Pacific Basin Finance Journal (SSCI) 61. 101338

Hasan I, He Q, and Lu H.T. 2020. The Impact of Social Capital on Economic Attitudes and Outcomes: A Literature Review and Chinese Evidence. Journal of International Money and Finance (SSCI) 18 102-162

Hasan, I., He, Q. and H. Lu (2019), Visiones actuales sobre el crédito peer-to-peer online: la evidencia de China (Current Views on Online Peer-to-Peer Lending: Evidence from China), Papeles de Economía Española, Vol. 162, pp. 27-47.

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Xu X.Y., Meng W., and Lu H.T. 2018. 風險投資與企業創新:基於風險資本專利信號敏感度的視角. 管理評論 (CSSCI) Vol. 30, Issue 19, 58-72.

Meng W., and Lu H.T. 2018. 風險投資與新三板掛牌企業股票流動性——基於高科技企業專利信號作用的考察. 經濟管理 (CSSCI) 3, 178-194.

Chen Z.H., Tan Y., and Lu H.T. 2017. 企業專利信號與企業價值評估 — 基於風險投資機構的視角. 上海經濟研究 (CSSCI)10, 105-114.

Lu H.T. and Lei Z. 2016.中國P2P網貸平台違約停業原因分析與監管建議. 清华金融评论 Vol 8, pp.95-100.

Lu H.T. 2016. The Legalization of Corporate Social Responsibility: Hong Kong Experience of ESG Reporting. Asia Pacific Law Review 24 (2) 123-48 (SSCI)

Lu H.T., Pan H.B. and Zhang C.Y. 2015, Political Connectedness and Judicial Outcomes: Evidence from Chinese Corporate Lawsuits, Journal of Law and Economics 58 (4), 829-861

Fu J.J. and Lu H.T., 2014. Structural Changes in the Chinese Stock Market: A Review of Empirical Research. China Accounting and Finance Review 16(2), 39-65

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LU H.T. 2005. Corporate Social Responsibility in China, 2 U.S.-China Law Review 37-54

Lu H.T. 2004. An Exploration on the Women's Rights Universalism and Cultural Relativism, 18 Asian Women Study 123-138

Other Publications:

Lu H.T. 2017. “Corporations must have a blueprint to ensure their performance, status, and identity enhances their reputations in the market” South China Morning Post August 26, 2017

Lu H.T. 2016. “China summit signals ‘a new phase”. China Daily. September 9, 2016

Li X.Y., Lu H.T. and Hasan I., 2020. The Promise and Pitfall of WealthTech: Evidence from Online Marketplace Lending, (GSU-RFS Fintech conference, under review by Review of Financial Studies) Available at SSRN:

Chen D.H., Jiang D.Q., Ljungqvist A., Lu H.T., and Zhou M.M. 2020. State Capitalism vs. Private Enterprise (AFA 2015, NBER Working Paper No. 20930, Revise and Resubmit to Journal of Finance) Available at SSRN:

Gu X., Hasan I., and Lu H.T., 2019. Corporate Reputation in Bond Market: Evidence from Lawsuits (ASSA 2017, FMA 2017, BoF 2017), under review by Journal of Accounting and Economics

Lei Z. and Lu H.T. 2020. Foreign Investment and Stock Price Informativeness: Evidence from the Shanghai (Shenzhen)–Hong Kong Stock Connect (Revise and Resubmit to Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance)

Cheng C.S., Huang H., Lei Z., and Lu H.T. 2020. District Court Stringency and Firm Restatement Policy (AsLEA 2016, AAA 2017, JAAF 2017, JIAR 2017, JCAE 2017, 5th International Conference on the Economic Analysis of Litigation 2018), under review by Management Science

Song W.L., Lu H.T. and Lei Z. 2020. Litigation Environments and Bank Lending: Evidence from the Courts (CELSA 2017; BoF 2017) under review by Journal of Financial Economics

Chatterjee S., Gu X., Hasa I., and Lu H.T. 2020. Ownership Structure and the Cost of Debt: Evidence from the Chinese Corporate Bond Market (Revise and Resubmit to Journal of Empirical Finance)

Hasan I., He Q., Li X.Y., and Lu H.T. 2020. Are Two Heads Better than One? Wisdom of the Crowd in Loan Screening. Working Paper

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