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Welcome to the family of the School of Accounting and Finance.

Each student of our 4-year BBA Programs has been assigned with a School Academic Advisor. Your Advisor will assist, listen to and guide you throughout the four years of your study. The School Academic Advisor will work together with your Academic Counselor from the University's Office of General University Requirements (OGUR) as an integral advising system to enhance your learning experience at PolyU.

Your School Academic Advisor guides you in academic matters related to your study by which you achieve your goals, realize your potentials and become aware of your weaknesses. S/he serves as your mentor in the development of your professional career – student exchange, internship and Work Integrated Education (WIE), extracurricular activities, and job interviews. Furthermore, your School Academic Advisor is your liaison and referral to various School, Faculty and University activities and services. She will assist you to explore solutions when you encounter problems.

You are expected to meet with your School Academic Advisor at least once each academic year. It is your responsibility to email or call your Academic Advisor to make appointments for your regular visits. Your Advisor is a full time teaching staff. S/he has a full teaching and administrative schedule, and you are always expected to make an appointment with your Advisor prior to your planned visit, except in cases of urgency. If you are unable to keep your appointment, you are expected to email or call your Advisor to cancel the appointment. The School will contact you for an explanation if you fail to meet your Advisor in any one semester during your study.

The School and your Advisor will keep a record of each meeting between you and your Advisor. The record and the discussion details in each meeting with your Academic Advisor are kept in strict confidentiality, except under circumstances in which matters arising from the advising session require follow up procedures with Program Leaders, Student Affairs Office, and other pertinent parties in the School and the University.

The Academic Advising System is applied to all BBA students admitted to the new 4-year programmes, i.e. Year 1 students admitted via HKDSE, JEE students from the Chinese mainland and those non-JUPAS applicants whose education is equivalent to the sixth year of secondary school education.

The Academic Advising System “aims to help students make informed and intelligent academic decisions / choices about their study at PolyU that suit their intellectual, professional and personal goals. It is instrumental to promoting student success, and plays a vital role in enhancing students’ overall learning experience at PolyU” (Learning and Teaching Committee Paper LTC/42/A4).

Main Roles and Responsibilities of Students in Academic Advising

To enable you to maximize your gain from academic advising, please note your responsibilities in academic advising as follows:

  • Take personal responsibility for your academic decisions, plans and outcomes.
  • Become familiar with the academic advising policies, resources and infrastructure at PolyU.
  • Understand your Major/Minor requirements and the General University Requirements and monitor your progress with reference to the graduation requirements.
  • Develop a study plan which enables you to complete your undergraduate degree at PolyU.
  • Attend academic advising sessions offered by the Department/Faculty and the Office of General University Requirements.  
  • Be prepared for academic advising. Understand your academic progress before meeting your Academic Advisor.
  • If you have any questions regarding your academic study, you should raise them at the academic advising meetings.
  • Have an open mind and be ready to seriously consider advice given by teachers, Academic Advisors and other staff.
  • Read the e-mails and letters sent to you by your Academic Advisor in your Department/Faculty and OGUR Academic Counsellor.
  • Visit your Departmental academic advising website and the OGUR website at least once a semester for updates and new information.
  • Seek help as early as possible. It is a sign of courage.
  • Enjoy your academic advising experience at PolyU.
Academic Advisors are expected to:
  • Have a clear understanding of:
    1. University policies on undergraduate studies;
    2. Study pathways;
    3. Discipline-Specific Requirements;
    4. General University Requirements; and
    5. Opportunities and resources within PolyU.
  • Communicate effectively, listen to the students and respect their views and choices.
  • Assist students to identify their academic, career and personal goals, and help them develop plans to achieve these goals.
  • Assist students to understand their academic performance and areas of strengths.
  • Assist students to understand the graduation requirements and auditing process.
  • Keep accurate record about academic advising.
  • Be available to answer the questions of students through different means.
  • Make appropriate referrals when necessary.
  • An overall advising session for each of the current Accountancy, Accounting and Finance, and Financial Services programmes will be organized before or at the commencement of each academic year to inform students of the general subject-taking-offering patterns in the coming academic year and other relevant information.
  • Individual academic advisors are expected to keep in contact with their advisees regularly (e.g. via emails or other means), and to have at least one face-to-face meeting with them, either individually or in small groups, for a total of at least one hour in each academic year. Additional meetings might be made as needed under mutual agreement.
  • Students are also expected to prepare before attending the academic advising sessions. They also need to take the initiative to seek help as early as possible.
  • Record of Interview of Academic Advising should be used to record the details of the meeting, and be signed by both the academic advisor and the advisees.
  • Feedback forms are to be completed by the advisees at the end of each academic year, in order to provide evaluation on the operation of the system.
  • Mr Raymond CHAN (Teaching Fellow)
  • Dr Stephen CHAN (Teaching Fellow)
  • Dr YC CHAN (Associate Professor)
  • Dr Tak Wai CHAU (Teaching Fellow)
  • Dr Te-Feng CHEN (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr June CHENG (Associate Professor)
  • Dr Sarah CHENG (Teaching Fellow)
  • Dr Timothy CHUE (Associate Professor)
  • Dr Andy CHUI (Associate Professor)
  • Dr Qianqian DU (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr Lolita EDRALIN (Professor of Practice (Accounting))
  • Dr Yangyang FAN (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr Jing FANG (Assistant Professor)
  • Mr Lawrence FUNG (Teaching Fellow)
  • Dr Mike FUNG (Associate Professor)
  • Dr Sudeep GHOSH (Teaching Fellow)
  • Dr Gang HU (Associate Professor)
  • Dr Yuan HUANG (Associate Professor)
  • Dr Li JIANG (Associate Professor)
  • Dr Liangliang JIANG (Associate Professor)
  • Dr Jimmy JIN (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr Koren JO (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr Byoung KANG (Associate Professor)
  • Dr Jungmin KIM (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr Francis LAM (Teaching Fellow)
  • Dr Justin LAW (Teaching Fellow)
  • Dr Bruce LI (Teaching Fellow)
  • Dr David LI (Lecturer)
  • Dr Gang LI (Associate Professor)
  • Dr Qin LI (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr Jonathan NAM (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr Allen NG (Senior Teaching Fellow)
  • Dr Gilbert PARK (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr Sandy SABAPATHY (Teaching Fellow)
  • Prof. Walid SAFFAR (Professor)
  • Dr Sunny SUN (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr Feng TIAN (Associate Professor)
  • Dr Chong WANG (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr Jacqueline WANG (Teaching Fellow)
  • Dr Steven WEI (Associate Professor)
  • Dr Anson WONG (Teaching Fellow)
  • Dr George WONG (Associate Professor)
  • Dr Jody WONG (Teaching Fellow)
  • Dr Josephine WONG (Teaching Fellow)
  • Mr Percy WONG (Teaching Fellow)
  • Dr Rita WONG (Teaching Fellow)
  • Dr Tina WONG (Teaching Fellow)
  • Dr Jing XIE (Assistant Professor)
  • Prof. Xinpeng XU (Professor)
  • Dr Lei YANG (Associate Professor)
  • Dr Nan YANG (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr Shuo YANG (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr Derek YIM (Teaching Fellow)
  • Dr KP YUEN (Senior Teaching Fellow)
  • Dr Shaojun ZHANG (Associate Professor)
  • Dr Yong ZHANG (Associate Professor)
  • Dr Jing ZHAO (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr Jingran ZHAO (Assistant Professor)

Undergraduate Secretary: Ms Kathy Li (Executive Officer II)

Tel: 2766-7043


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