Role of Center

The Center for Economic Sustainability and Entrepreneurial Finance (CESEF) aims to act as a platform for pooling the school’s inter-disciplinary research strengths, as well as its strong partnership with the industry, to generate strong  impact in the Greater China region.  The Center specialized in two focuses; they are (1) Economic sustainability with a theme on ESG and Green Finance; (2) Entrepreneurial finance and innovation. The success of CESEF draws upon (i) Hong Kong’s strategic positioning as an international financial center to support Green Finance and an innovation-based economy; (ii) PolyU’s reputation for applied research with focuses on science and technology, as well as its strong industrial partnership; and (3) the intellectual richness of the School of Accounting and Finance as the largest inter-disciplinary school in areas of accounting, finance, economics and law in the Asia Pacific region.  CESEF is the first research and education center in Hong Kong dedicated to exploring issues of economic sustainability and entrepreneurial finance.  Its goals are to benefit PolyU students and the society through knowledge transfer activities and partnership programs with the industries.

Research platform

The Center will serve as a platform for researchers in Hong Kong and overseas to work together on cutting-edge ESEF research.

Research support

The Center will provide resources and research supports for faculty members to apply for ESEF-related external research grants and publish papers in high-level academic journals.

Teaching facilitator

Members of the Center will participate in developing teaching materials for ESEF-related subjects at undergraduate, postgraduate and executive levels to be offered by the Faculty of Business.


The Center will provide consultancy services for the Hong Kong Government as well as commercial sectors to help them address a variety of ESEF-related issues. Possible consultancy projects include:

  1. Conducting field surveys or collecting data in ESEF fields
  2. Preparing independent research reports on ESEF-related problems
  3. Design of ESEF-related business models
  4. Advising the government on ESEF-related regulations and policies