ESG Investment Education Pledge

We are pleased to announce  CESEF’s collaboration with Friends of the Earth (HK) and Hung Fook Tong in establishing an “ESG Investment Education Pledge”, with the latter two parties setting aside funding within their corporate accounts up to HK$ 10 million and HK$ 2 million respectively. The pledge provides research opportunity for PolyU students to analyze ESG performance of listed firms in Hong Kong and Mainland. The research findings will be considered and adopted (if appropriate) for ESG Investment of these two organizations using the funding pledged. This initiative aims to push for sustainability through ESG investments using research from PolyU students as part of their investment processes. Such a pledge will help the School of Accounting and Finance at PolyU to educate its students about ESG and its importance. Students of our Master’s programme in Financial Economics in Energy and Environment will have the opportunity to participate in research supported by the ESG Investment Education Pledge and launch their careers as specialists in one of the fastest growing niche areas in the financial industry after graduation.