Economic Sustainability

Energy and Environment-related Finance, Economics, Accounting and Law

i) Energy supply and pricing

· The formation of energy prices

· The relationships among energy markets and associated influences on energy prices

· Energy demand estimation and forecast

ii) Economic growth and energy

· Can economic growth be stimulated even under downward pressure if not forgoing certain forms of energy for environmental or safety reasons?

· Can oil, gas, renewable and other energy development be a major force that stimulates economic growth?

· What policy framework would maximize the contribution of energy to growth?

· What policy framework can encourage efficient substitution of sustainable for less sustainable resources?

iii) Energy efficiency

· Investigation of the role of energy efficiency in climate mitigation and sustainable development strategies

iv) Waste management

· To examine public preferences on siting landfills and building incineration facilities

· To examine public support on different charging mechanisms for households

· Cost-benefit analysis on different recycling programmes

v) Climate change economics

· The pricing of carbon as a means to stimulate the reduction of emissions

· Strategic emissions management and the role played by traded permits and their derivatives in the broader financial markets

vi) Extreme weather risk management

· Extreme tail risk mitigation using hedging products available in the catastrophe space

· Forecasting tropical cyclones using a market-based forward-looking approach

· Extreme weather modeling in typhoon, heat wave, severe tropical storms, monsoon, etc.

vii) Energy Finance and Sustainability

· Financial analysis of oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear, renewable energy resources, CO2, etc.

· Innovative clean energy financing − securing public and private equity to support strategies for capital efficient growth, such as green banks

· Risk management in the energy industry

· Real option analysis of investment and financing of renewable energy projects

· Forecasting energy pricing and volume trends

· Develop and fine-tune energy policy and regulatory strategies

viii) Environmental-related Accounting, Finance, and Economics

· Environmental management accounting (EMA) system and environmental performance analyses (EPS) for Hong Kong companies

· Corporate social and ethical reporting: An international comparison

· Understanding China’s Environmental and Energy Challenges and Policy Options

· Derivative pricing and hedging of energy derivatives

· CSR and the Law: A Comparative Case Study of Canada and Hong Kong