Learning @ PolyU

Sharing by NORZHANOVA Akbota

As an international student coming to Hong Kong, I had a deep interest in learning about local culture and language, and when I heard about Minor in Chinese Language and Culture for International Students, I knew this will be my choice.

Though it is not related to my Major, I don’t regret taking this Minor, as it has provided me with necessary knowledge and context to understand Chinese culture. I learnt about Chinese history, art and cinema, which not only made me appreciate more what I was surrounded with, but also opened me another world of things I have yet to learn. I now have a list of movies from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong to watch.

I also took three courses on Mandarin language. I have never tried to learn Chinese before, so it was quite a challenge, but my Minor gave me a solid base to continue my learning journey.

Sometimes it was difficult to match my schedule to register for courses, but thanks to CBS/CLC staff (and my Major too) I was able to complete my Minor in Chinese Language and Culture, and now I have graduated from PolyU.

If you have a deep interest in learning different cultures, don’t hesitate to take this Minor! It might not be easy, but the pay-off will be worth it.

Graduate in BEng (Hons) Industrial and Systems Engineering
with a Minor in Chinese Language and Culture (for International Students)