Embedding Machine Learning and Augmented Reality into a Collaborative Problem-Solving Game to Enrich the Student Learning Experience

Facilitators: Fridolin Ting (AMA), David Alan Watson (EDC) 
Presenter: Dr. Wincy Chan (HKU), Xiangyu Hou (HKU) 
Date: 14 Jun 2019
Time: 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
Venue: TU411

Educational technology has made the student learning experience more diversified and dimensional. In this talk, the speakers will share the experience of designing and implementing a mobile game involving artificial intelligence and augmented reality to take students to the crime scene and let them play an active role as forensic investigators. The game flow and user interface of the game app were carefully designed to facilitate collaboration and scientific inquiry. Data analytics and visualisation also help students to keep track and develop a sense of ownership in their learning. The implications and scalability of gamification and educational technology will also be discussed.

Dr. Wincy Chan is a Lecturer of Department of Pathology and Instructional Designer of Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative, The University of Hong Kong. The major theme of her research is that of studying student cognitive, behavioural and well-being outcomes across learning and instructional designs. Her current work involves bringing together educational technology and serious game into inquiry-based learning, and establishing synergy between social science methodology and learning analytics in the investigation of human learning. She teaches a Common Core Course about the Science of Crime Investigation.

Mr. Xiangyu Hou is an E-Learning Technology Assistant at Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative, The University of Hong Kong. He specialises in data analysis, data visualization and text mining using machine learning approaches, and the applications of learning analytics to promote student engagement and retention in online learning contexts. He has developed a number of advanced features for HKU e-learning platforms such as, and not limited to, dashboard, badge system, and AI chatbot. This activity is organised by the CoP on Technology-enhanced Teaching and Learning and supported by EDC.