With this new CoP initiative on problem-based learning, we aim to accomplish the following objectives in the current triennium:

  1. Foster idea/experience exchange and collaboration among PolyU’s faculty members (at the beginning of CoP) and students (in the longer term of CoP development), enabling them to address relevant science, technology and policy issues in university education related to problem-based learning and inductive instructional methods.
  2. Foster good teaching and learning practices for providing rigorous and inquiry-based education for PolyU’s students to solve complex real-life problems that involve scientific, technological, societal, regulatory, and business issues, etc.
  3. Enhance university teaching and students’ development with self-directed and reflective learning attitude through integration of problem-based learning methods at the levels of individual courses and programme curriculum.
  4. In the long term, create significant international and local impact on the promotion of educational research on both disciplinespecific and interdisciplinary problem-based learning in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.