Overall, this CoP has dual purposes. First it aims to further connect and build a network of PolyU academic staff members across faculties/schools/centres both from the research and the teaching tracks to enrich the knowledge and skills in English for 

1) conducting university teaching, and for coaching students’ writing and speaking abilities
2) developing teaching and learning related scholarly writing such as project and proposals, and academic work for bringing impact to their professional knowledge and the teaching in similar areas. 

Specifically, the CoP aims to provide a network for staff to share resources, knowledge and expertise on English use and skills to: 

  • enable the effective delivery of lectures and other communication with students in an English-medium context through exploring classroom language instruction and speaking English 
  • explore the linguistic and organizational characteristics of students’ written and spoken tasks in different genres and their common problems in engaging in these assessments 
  • enable the effective use of language for assignment task sheets and examination papers in order to address the intended outcomes of learning better 
  • prepare grant proposals and academic writing for teaching and/or professional-related topics that will support a culture of producing quality scholarly writing for sharing and enriching professional knowledge

Second, the CoP also aims to provide a social network for students to connect with peers from different programmes, and with the faculty members to share their experiences of learning and aspirations of teaching in an informal and relaxed way in order to bring impact to faculty’s teaching and students’ learning.

This CoP also meets the overall objectives of the PolyU’s CoP initiatives, they are

  • to bring together and connect our colleagues who share a common interest in enhancing use of English for teaching and student learning at PolyU, and to facilitate their experience sharing and collaborative professional and teaching development such as scholarly writing;
  • to develop and promote effective teaching practices in the use of English in support of the University’s strategic teaching development targets stated in (i) in this section;
  • to foster the culture of peer support and collaborative professional development in learning and teaching; and
  • to nourish a scholarly and collegial approach to continuing teaching improvement and the scholarship of teaching and learning.