Work Plan > Objectives

The ultimate goal of this CoP is to sustain the interest and effort of the previous CoP-SL and continuously improve and upgrade our teachers in SL pedagogy and practice, such that they may be well equipped to impart to our students the wisdom, skills and attributes to make meaningful contributions to their profession and the community, and to enhance students’ service-learning experience.

The following are our specific objectives:

To provide a structured means for collaborative professional development in staff who are involved in
service-learning and for the enhancement of service-learning experience among students, including:

a. To expand and improve our teachers’ current knowledge and skills in SL pedagogy, including the
design, delivering, and assessment of SL subjects;
b. To provide a means to exchange experiences on international trends and effective practices on
service-learning pedagogies between local faculty members and international counterparts;
c. To provide a platform for teachers from different disciplines to share their SL experiences, good
practices, and new ideas and foster cross-discipline collaborations on SL projects;
d. To equip staff with the knowledge and means to preform scholarly work on teaching and learning
in SL; and
e. To consolidate the impact of service-learning experience on student development and learning