Work Plan > Activities


Workshops, seminars and sharing by PolyU colleagues
Topics will include but are not limited to the following:
‧ The impact of SL on students/service recipients/the community.
‧ Design, implementation and assessments of an SL subject.
‧ Problems/challenges of the provision of an SL subject.
‧ Engaging students in critical reflection and assessing learning by reflection.

Invited talks/seminars by external speakers
The topics of talks/seminars can include but are not limited to the following:
‧ Conducting research in service-learning pedagogy
‧ Assessment of service-learning
‧ Conducting research facilitated by service-learning
‧ Student service engagement

Sharing sessions by community partners
Community partners will be invited to share their insights on and give feedback to the service-learning projects, for example:
‧ The impact of SL projects on the organizations and clients.
‧ The major benefits/challenges of the SL projects to their organizations, service recipients and/or the community.
‧ The planning and delivery of the SL projects.
‧ How the SL project could be improved to better meet the needs of their organizations/service recipients/the community.

Student symposiums/conferences
Students will be encouraged to share their SL experience on, for example:
‧ learning gains from SL
‧ challenges, problems or difficulties encountered in taking an SL course

Staff development allowance/support
Members are encouraged and supported to, for example:
‧ Attend SL activities (workshops, short courses, seminars)
‧ Engage in small-scale action research projects
‧ Engage in scholarly activities related to SL (e.g. presenting SL-related papers at international conferences)