Our Community


The objectives of this CoP are to:

  • Promote and support quality practice of academic advising in University;
  • Promote and adopt the Appreciative Advising Approach for practice and training of academic advisors;
  • Promote ‘Advising as Teaching’ to Academic Advisors; and
  • Form an Advisory Committee on Academic Advising to refine the academic advising system to better meet the needs of students.?

Intended learning outcomes for collaborative professional development conducted by this CoP

Academic advisors will be able to:

  • Identify the advising needs of students and appreciate the concept of ‘Advising is Teaching’;
  • Describe the good practice of academic advising;
  • Understand the Appreciative Advising Approach;
  • Apply the specific mindset and important skills of Appreciative Advising in delivering effective and enjoyable advising session; and
  • Relate the importance of academic advising in nurturing a supportive and student-friendly environment in the University

Planned Activities

Our planned activities mainly focus on the continuation of those successful ones in the past CoP-AA for e.g. the training workshops, mini projects and symposium as well as strengthening the academic advising practice which we have identified the Appreciative Advising approach to be adopted and promoted to the academic advisors and students. Also, an Advisory Committee on Academic Advising will be formed to put forward our advising work and make positive impact on the development of academic advising at PolyU and local institutes.