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In the past few years, the Academic Advising CoP have conducted a number of CoP activities that are successful in promoting academic advising practice. We have built a network of academic staff from various departments who are interested in academic advising and are willing to participate and support the CoP. We have also offered training activities and symposium to Academic Advising Offices of other universities which we intend to take lead in the development of academic advising in Hong Kong.

With the success in the first triennium, the Academic Advising CoP in the second triennium aims to strengthen the existing practices of academic advising in PolyU community, and promoting the concept of ‘Advising is Teaching’. Teaching and advising share a great deal in common. Kramer (1983) argued that advising is a specific teaching activity during which a student's educational choices are questioned and challenged. Eble (1988), in his well-known book, The Craft of Teaching: Mastering the Professor's Art, clearly stated that advising should be considered by faculty as an extension of their teaching role in which they can demonstrate genuine concern for their students' welfare by being available and approachable outside the classroom. Miller and Alberts (1994) have said, “Advising is the intersection of the teaching/learning experience’’. Academic advisors are encouraged to view advising as an extension of their teaching role and thus applying teaching skills in the advising encounter. Academic advisors can help students understand academic expectations and empower students with the skills necessary to meet academic and professional goals.

On the other hand, we believe that with the gradually mature of our CoP membership, it is time for our CoP core members to transform to a formal Advisory Committee on academic advising. The Advisory Committee and a growing membership will evolve into a substantial and sizeable interest group, which could give feedback to University management on the support and development of academic advising and thus student learning experience in PolyU.




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