Welcome Message

Welcome to Academic Advising CoP, a platform for sharing of good practices in advising students on their university study and personal development. Here you will meet academic advisors across different departments, who are most willing to share with you about tips of academic advising, how to make it helpful for both students and advisors, and how to develop a successful practice. We provide funding support to academic advisors and departments for promotion and development of academic advising.

In the past few years, the Academic Advising CoP has conducted a number of CoP activities that are successful in promoting academic advising practice. We have built a network of academic staff from various departments who are interested in academic advising and are willing to participate and support the CoP. We have also offered training activities and symposium to our advising community as well as the Academic Advising Offices of other universities which we intend to take lead in the development of academic advising in Hong Kong.

Please contact us for more information and join us to promote quality advising at PolyU.

I look forward to seeing you in our forthcoming activities.

Dr Zenobia Chan
Head, Office of General University Requirements
Academic Advising CoP Facilitator





last updated 2019.07.17.