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The overall aim of the CoP is to provide a network in which academic staff can share their expertise, language skills to support each other in enhancing their teaching, scholarly work and professional relationships. Different forms of peer support and sharing will be offered. For instance, talks or seminars will be delivered by staff who are outstanding in teaching and by experienced staff who are editors and reviewers of international journals or funded GRF project leaders.

Planned Activities

  • Kick-off meetings & events;
  • Regular CoP meetings (Incorporating community building, domain knowledge and sharing practice);
  • Thematic workshops/seminars & invited talks/seminars by expert speakers on topics such as language use in lecture and in teaching, language features in student speaking and writing, action research/GRF proposal preparation, language and writing styles in academic articles for publication;
  • Peer-review sessions among colleagues with a common interest (topics include language use in lecture, microteaching, students’ language problems in speaking and writing, grants, articles etc.).