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In establishing this proposed CoP extensive effort has been made to solicit input from key stakeholders and individuals with expertise in the objectives of the CoP. Many of these stakeholders have both contributed to the development of this CoP and also agreed to take on continuing responsibilities to contribute to the CoP as either co-facilitators or core team members. As will be noted below, the CoP leadership represents a broad range of roles, including research and teaching track members as well as members from support units with missions related to the CoP objectives.


Email address
Grace Lim (ELC)
Josie Csete (EDC)
John Sager (EDC)
Core members
Julia Chen (EDC)
Virginia Cheng (RO)
Janice Chia (LIB)
Jason Choi (ITC)
Chi Sun Poon (CEE)
Man Sang Wong (BME)