Message from the CoP Facilitator

Service Learning becomes a core academic pedagogy at PolyU in the 4-year university programme. Service Learning CoP aims to support PolyU staff members from academic or academic support units who embrace the concept and idea of Service Learning to learn. We aim at continually enhancing the design, delivery, assessment and evaluation of service learning at PolyU.This is a platform for you if you wish to develop service learning projects. You can find ideas, connection and know how to liaise with non-government organizations (NGOs) in our CoP.We also welcome members who wish to seek funding.

Our CoP could help you to find ways for funding support, grants and donation.We aim at empowering and coaching more members of the PolyU community to offer Service Learning courses. We are glad to see more variety of Service Learning projects can be launched in Hong Kong, the mainland China and overseas. It is very encouraging to see our students benefiting from taking Service Learning subjects. They could be able to learn how to engage with the community and be responsible citizens.Join us! Let’s learn together and create a better community for Service Learning. A civil society could become stronger eventually!

Dr. Stephen Chan
Service Learning CoP Facilitator
Head, Office of Service Learning


last updated 2016.6.10