• Knowledge Management for Development [link]
  • CPSquare - The Community of Practice on Communities of Practice [link]
  • Instructions for setting up a course in CourseSites [link]
  • CourseSites Q & A [download]


  • Tsui, E. (2013, September). Developing & Sustaining Communities of Practice. Presented at the ikclub in Bangkok, Thailand. [link]
  • Tsui, E. (2013, November). Personal Learning Environment & Network (PLE&N) & Community of Practice (CoP) at HKPolyU. Presentation to the DCC delegation from Waseda University, PolyU, HK. [link]

Books/ Articles

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  • Etienne Wenger on “What is a CoP” [link]
  • Etienne Wenger’s Keynote Address at KM Singapore 2009 [link]
  • Nancy White on CoP [link]
  • Etienne Wenger talks about “Walking the Landscape of Practice” [link]



Prof. Eric Tsui promoting CoP to Waseda University delegation