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The ultimate goal for the CoP initiative at PolyU is to enhance teaching and learning across the University. This very CoP in particular concentrates on the identification, promotion, adoption and experience sharing of Learn@PolyU, the Learning Management System, university-wide to enhance teaching and learning. As such, the objectives for this CoPs are:

  • to bring together and connect colleagues who shares a common interest in enhancing teaching and learning at PolyU through the use of Learn@PolyU, and to facilitate their experience sharing and collaborative professional and teaching development;
  • to study and configure the features in Learn@PolyU, together with supporting learning processes, develop and deliver innovative and effective teaching practices in support of the University’s strategic teaching development targets (for the 2012-15 triennium the focuses will be the refinement and review of the new 4-year undergraduate programmes and the implementation of the new PolyU Strategic Plan);
  • to foster the culture of peer support and collaborative professional development in the use of LMS and associated technologies to support learning and teaching; and
  • to nourish a scholarly and collegial approach to continuing teaching improvement and the scholarship of teaching and learning especially through blended learning with innovative uses of Learn@PolyU.