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Portable Cardiac Measurer

Product IDHE035

Size≈ (Length) 8 cm*(Width) 3 cm*(depth) 0.3 cm

Product and Accessories

    1 measurer1 holder

Situation:Feels like that the waiting time for body checks are too long?
Description:Check your heart rate any time anywhere you want with a portable measurer

Design Features

Analyze heart beat Using heart beat data, to measure the chance of atrial fibrillation. Reducing the risk of heart failure, stroke and brain degeneration Portable and light Can measure heart rate all the time Ease of operation Only require the press of fingers to start measuring Ready for measuring immediate when the app is opened

Other Features

    Record blood pressure, height and weight at the same time Tracks user health data, stored as references for doctors

People Suit for

    Person who cares about cardiac health


Need to download a smartphone app (only English version) Premium version only works in the US Keep the surrounding quiet and rid of operating electronics during operation to minimize any signal loss
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