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Safety Device

Smart Toilet Sensing System

Product IDSA117


Product and Accessories

    1 Set of smart toilet sensing system

Situation:Residents in care homes need intensive personal care, such as toileting assistance. How to ensure older person's safety and dignity in the toilet?
Description:Respecting older person‘s privacy and dignity during toileting in residential care homes with a smart toilet sensing system

Design Features

PolyU Research and Innovation Invented by the "Jockey Club Smart Ageing Hub" project team A smart device to detect the user‘s status in the toilet An innovative solution to detect the user's status within the toilet area To ensure users’ safety, privacy, and dignity through light signals To facilitate staff in assisting mentally handicapped users

People Suit for

    Homes for the Aged / Care and Attention Homes for the Elderly / Nursing Home General elderly People with weak coordination and balance Caregiver


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