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Vacuum Oral Care Device

Product IDPH089

SizeAbout 22 cm (length) x 9 cm (width) x 19 cm (height)

Product and Accessories

    1 vacuum oral cleaner 2 silicone braces 1 user manual

Situation:Is it difficult to clean the mouth of elderly person who relies on others to help?
Description:Automatic oral cleaning device helps improve the efficiency of oral care for the elderly.

Design Features

Massaging gums, cleaning teeth Join a brace and the cleaner with tubes. The cleaning machine will begin a 50-second cleaning program to clean the mouth with suctions. Avoid leakage Sealed silicone brace to avoid any liquid leaking out during flushing. Reduce the risk of choke. Avoid cross infections and hygiene issues One-way circulation. Clean water and wastewater goes in and out to the brace through separate tubes to prevent backflow.

People Suit for

    General people People who have difficulties in oral cleaning People who need long term care Caregiver


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